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List stylized statistics


Product Liability Settlement

$145 Million


Consumer Product Settlement

$33 Million


Civil Rights Settlement

$27 Million

The Image Block can have 1 or 2 columns that are drag and drop in order. Though, on mobile the image block will be on top no matter the order.

Pintas & Mullins Law Firm focuses its
practice on serious injury claims.

William Pintas gained his decades of legal experience by heading up one of the largest personal injury partnering firms in North America, currently representing more than 30,000 active clients and working closely with more than 400 law firms. The practice includes the representation of thousands of clients in the practice areas of mass torts, nursing home abuse, sex abuse, and environmental disasters. The firm is at the forefront of law firm partnership strategies and technology, applying its unique approach of surrounding each client with their own elite team of professionals dedicated to achieving the very best outcomes.

You only pay us if you win!

The video block can accept a youtube or vimeo URL, or a video file with a thumbnail (to continue working retroactively).

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Rows of card columns that utilize the wysiwyg.

Cart Title with underline class

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Cart Title with underline class

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Cart Title with underline class

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