Veteran Abuse in VA Facilities

Has Your Loved One Been Abused at a VA Community Living Center?

In the United States, any man or woman who served in the armed forces has access to Veteran’s Affairs (VA) community living centers. These centers currently provide care to more than 46,000 veterans in more than 130 government-operated nursing homes. While veterans of the United States military should undoubtedly be treated with respect and dignity as they enter their golden years, this is not always the reality.

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Unfortunately, these centers—which are designed to care for our nation’s veterans—are not always upholding the standard of care expected from them. In fact, severe issues have been exposed nationwide, including cases involving veteran abuse and neglect.

Increased Risk Factors for Veterans

All nursing homes residents are at risk for abuse and neglect, but certain factors increase the risk for veterans at VA community living centers. Such factors include:

  • Substance Abuse – Substance abuse is a growing problem among veterans. This is a problem in and of itself and it can also inhibit the patient’s cognitive function, making them vulnerable to abuse.
  • PTSD – Many veterans suffer from symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which can cause hallucinations or make them more prone to lashing out at employees. Not only can this make caregivers feel “justified” in their abuse, but it can make them feel immune from complaints of abuse. PTSD can also make a patient confused, which can complicate investigations.
  • Physical Disabilities – Veterans often suffer from physical disabilities, which can make them more vulnerable abuse. This is especially true in cases where impediments affect their mobility.

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