Poor Hygiene in Nursing Homes

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Not only can poor hygiene be a sign of nursing home abuse or neglect, but it can also spread germs and infection. The immune systems of elderly people are not able to fight off germs as well as they used to. Because of this, residents are always vulnerable to disease and infection; should they come into contact with pathogens, they could suffer serious medication conditions that could could lead to fatal illness. Diligent and competent nursing homes know this, and take all measures to ensure germs do not spread. If your loved one is a victim of poor hygiene in a nursing home, call our Illinois nursing home abuse attorneys. We represent clients in all 50 states and will travel to meet you!

Understaffing Can Lead to Poor Hygiene

Residents require assistance with many everyday tasks, such:

  • Changing clothes
  • Going to the restroom
  • Changing bandages
  • Changing diapers
  • Taking a shower

Unfortunately, poor hygiene can be a direct result of improperly trained or understaffed nursing home employees. When there is not enough staff to assist residents with basic tasks, or when these tasks are not performed properly, residents can be left in a less than hygienic state; for example, they may stay in the same dirty clothes or bedding for days, not be bathed, or not have their wounds cleaned.

In addition to the care of the patient, nursing home employees should also keep the premises itself clean. For example, bathrooms, dining areas, kitchens, and bedrooms should be cleaned regularly to avoid any potential problems with infection or viruses. If they are not sanitized properly, disease can spread quickly to residents.

Our Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers Can Help

If you have begun to notice signs of poor hygiene—such as dirty living areas, foul odors, obstacles in walkways, uncleaned surfaces, pest problems, or clothes worn for several days—it is critical that you act quickly. At Pintas & Mullins, we can help you investigate the situation and take appropriate legal action. We understand the issues surrounding poor hygiene in nursing home facilities and can help hold responsible parties liable.