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  • Pacemaker Users Beware: Increased Risk of Cybersecurity Issues

    Hundreds of thousands of lives depend on St. Jude’s pacemakers. Yet concerns over battery problems and cybersecurity issues have been topics of news stories, lawsuits, and patient outcry. Our St. Jude pacemaker lawyers are currently representing clients seriously hurt by these defibrillators. Many of our clients were affected by the St. Jude recalls in the fall of 2016, and we know many other ...
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  • Congress to Vote to Eliminate Right to File Lawsuits

    New legislation seeks to ban lawsuits against hospitals and nursing homes Next week, the House of Representatives will vote on a bill, H.R. 1215 , that endangers the rights of everyone who gets their health insurance through Medicare or Medicaid, or Veteran’s Affairs. That means nearly every veteran, disabled person, elderly person, and impoverished person, including children, in the country. This ...
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  • Hernia Mesh Recalled for Flaws & Injuries

    Hundreds of men and women implanted with the mesh file complaints. Last year, a product used to repair hernias was removed from American market . Patients implanted with Johnson & Johnson’s Ethicon Physiomesh were suffering higher-than-normal failure rates, infections, and hernia recurrence, because the mesh was defective. Yesterday, a man filed a lawsuit against another type of hernia mesh, the ...
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  • Top 5 Cancer Developments of 2016

    We constantly update our blog to highlight new breakthroughs and developments in cancer treatment that would be useful for our clients. This week, our cancer lawyers looked at this year's news and picked out the five advances we thought were the most important. 1. Immunotherapy Emerges as Breakthrough Treatment For lung and bladder cancer patients particularly, immunotherapy promises a new and ...
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  • The Johnson & Johnson Verdict: What You Need to Know

    Johnson & Johnson (J&J) maintains that their baby powder is perfectly safe, even though they just lost the third consecutive trial regarding ovarian cancer. If you’re concerned about the recent J&J lawsuits, you’re not alone. Three juries have awarded multimillion-dollar verdicts based on direct, scientific links between J&J's baby powder and Shower-to-Shower products and ovarian cancer. J&J ...
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  • Taxotere Hair Loss Lawsuits Update

    October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and as the month comes to a close, our Taxotere lawyers want to shed light on a certain type of chemotherapy available to breast cancer patients. Taxotere is used to treat breast, stomach, lung, prostate, and head/neck cancers. Most people starting chemotherapy expect to lose their hair temporarily. It’s a common and well-known side effect. Women who took ...
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  • America's Most Ridiculous Laws

    People of America, take note. You could pride yourself on being the most law-abiding citizen of your region, but you live in South Carolina and ever played pinball as a child, you're not only an arcade guru, but a lawbreaker as well. From legalized incest to harsh restrictions on fortune tellers, here are our favorite, totally true, craziest laws in each state. Since we're lawyers, we checked the ...
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  • Nursing Home Residents' Rights Restored - U.S. Bans Forced Arbitration

    Nursing home residents now have the right to take legal action against abusive and negligent facilities. This is a huge win for residents and their families, who, until now, were forced into a private justice system called arbitration. The federal agency that controls Medicare and Medicaid announced the new rule yesterday. The rule states that nursing homes that accept Medicare and Medicaid ...
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  • Bikers in Illinois Now Have Same Rights as Drivers

    Governor Rauner just signed a new law reinforcing bicyclist rights in Illinois. "Dennis’s Law" grants bikers the same right-of-way privilege as cars, legally recognizing bicycles as vehicles. The law is named after a 68-year-old Illinois man who died after colliding with a car in 2015. The car didn't yield to Dennis Jurs, who had the right-of-way because he did not have a stop sign while going ...
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  • Illinois Passes Gabby’s Law to Help Patients with Sepsis

    Sepsis is a medical emergency caused by an infection. If sepsis isn’t diagnosed and treated immediately, it can lead to organ failure and death. Our nursing home and medical malpractice lawyers see far too many people succumb to sepsis in hospitals and nursing homes. We’re happy to report that Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner just signed a new law – Gabby’s Law – that will help hospitals diagnose ...
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  • Summer Safety Guide

    Yesterday marked the official first day of summer. Our injury attorneys want you to have the best summer yet – here’s a quick infographic on how to stay safe this season!
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