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  • How to Be a Responsible Dog Owner in 5 Steps

    Dogs are called man's best friend for a reason, but they can cause serious injuries when they act aggressively. Check out some surprising numbers on our Dog Bite Stats infographic: Dogs are much more likely to attack children, which can cause lifelong physical and emotional scars. If you have both a child and a dog at home, keep reading to learn how to keep you, your family, and your pet, safe. ...
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  • Legal Options for Dog Bite Victims

    Dogs are widely considered to be “man’s best friend,” and anyone who's owned a dog knows how much love and joy they bring. Unfortunately, not every dog behaves as expected and there are times when dogs may bite, causing serious physical and emotional harm. When a dog bite occurs, it is important for the victim to understand their legal options. Before anything else, victims should think about who ...
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  • Police Dog Bites Raise Questions about K-9 Training

    Dog bite lawyers at Pintas & Mullins Law Firm highlight recent incidents in Orange County, California that are raising concern about the adequacy of the region’s K-9 training programs. Similar incidents in the Northwest involve K-9 unit dogs biting innocent bystanders, causing serious injuries and expensive lawsuits. The California incidents come largely from the Anaheim Police Department’s (APD) ...
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  • Neighbor Rescues Toddler Being Mauled by Dogs

    Dog bite lawyers at Pintas & Mullins Law Firm applaud the efforts of a Chicago man who saved a three-year-old from a vicious dog attack. Both the man and the toddler survived the mauling with non-life-threatening injuries. The man, 48-year-old Willie Riley of the South Shore neighborhood of Chicago, was cooking dinner and watching television when he heard a girl, panicked, bang on his back door. ...
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  • Deaths from Dog Attacks Rise in Summer Months

    A jogger from California and a double-amputee from South Carolina are two of the most recent victims of fatal dog attacks in the U.S. Dog bite attorneys at Pintas & Mullins Law Firm highlight these stories to encourage the public to be more aware of the dangers of untrained dogs, particularly in the upcoming summer months. The 80-year-old South Carolina man recently passed away from the injuries ...
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  • Iowa Toddler Killed by Babysitter’s Dog

    Dog bite lawyers at Pintas & Mullins Law Firm report of a troubling story out of Des Moines, Iowa concerning the death of a four-year-old girl. The little girl died recently from injuries sustained when she was attacked by her babysitter’s dog. The girl and her brother were being watched by the sitter on a Monday in Prairie City, Iowa. Around two p.m., the little girl was mauled by the sitter’s ...
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  • El Paso Child Attacked by Three Dogs

    Dog bite attorneys warn families with young children that they should be extremely cautious around dangerous dogs. A recent dog attack in El Paso, Texas, demonstrates the importance of keeping small children out of harm’s way. As KTSM is reporting, a 4-year-old was recently mauled by three Shar Pei / Pit Bull mixes at his uncle’s home. The boy’s father, Frank Romero, brought his son along to feed ...
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  • Dog Attack Accomplice Found Guilty by Jury

    Dog bite attorneys highlight a particularly troubling dog bite case in Wisconsin involving a father accused of failing to help his son during a vicious dog attack. The man was found guilty on several counts, including false imprisonment, personal duty to aid a victim, substantial battery, and first-degree reckless injury. The incident occurred in the small Fond du Lac County of Osceola, about 50 ...
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  • The Most Dangerous Breeds of Dogs

    While all dogs have the potential to cause serious dog bite inquiries, our dog bite lawyers at Pintas & Mullins Law Firm warn that some breeds of dogs may be even more dangerous than others. New research shows that rottweilers and pit bull terriers lead the pack, causing about 74% of all fatal dog attacks between 2005 and 2011. Children are particularly susceptible to a dog attack because they ...
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  • Anaheim Police Dog Attacks Innocent Man

    Dog bite attorneys remind the public that police canines are very powerful weapons, and should be regarded just like any other dangerous weapon. Robert Ray is a prime example of the serious dangers associated with vicious dog bites. As NBC News reports , Ray was on his way to meet a friend for dinner just two days before Christmas. As he took a short cut through an Anaheim business center, Ray ...
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  • Dog Bites TV Anchor One Day after its Rescue

    Base canine instincts can manifest even in the tamest of dogs. Recently, reported that an 85-pound Argentine mastiff dog that was saved from an icy lake was impounded just a day after its dramatic rescue for biting a Colorado television news presenter on her face while a live segment was in progress. Our dog bite lawyers at Pintas & Mullins Law Firm would like to warn the public ...
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