Cancer Link Grows Stronger Against Sterigenics

Cancer Link Grows Stronger Against Sterigenics | Pintas & Mullins Law Firm

New testing conducted by the EPA indicates that there were higher levels of a cancer-causing gas near the Sterigenics plant than previously imagined. The plant is located in Willowbrook, Illinois, just outside of Chicago.


 “The citizens of DuPage County should not have to endure this exposure to a known human carcinogen,” Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raoul and DuPage County State’s Attorney Robert Berlin recently stated, while State Representative Jim Durkin called on Sterigenics “to immediately shut their doors and leave our community.” 


While the EPA says it doesn’t yet have enough evidence to take action against Sterigenics, local officials and area residents believe the plant is responsible for a litany of medical problems and are calling for it to be shutdown. We have heard tragic stories regarding Sterigenics from hundreds of our clients. Former Sterigenics employees have stated that the company ordered workers to dump ethylene oxide’s toxic byproduct directly into public sewer drains.


Our clients and many others are now fighting cancers from this pollution, resulting in hundreds of claims and lawsuits. We expect these lawsuits to expediate the closure of Sterigencis. Our continued concern is for the damage that has already been done and that which may continue to occur in the future.  


Sterigenics produces a cancer-causing, odorless gas - ethylene oxide - which is used to make other chemicals such as anti-freeze, adhesives, detergents, pesticides, and sterilizers for medical equipment at its location at 7775 S Quincy St in Willowbrook.