Drivers Beware—Your Car May Be Affected by an Airbag Recall

People who bought cars from more than 24 automakers first filed lawsuits over defective airbags in 2014. These lawsuits claimed that airbags made by Takata Corporation exploded, releasing dangerous chemicals, burning passengers, and causing at least a dozen deaths in the U.S.

Takata Corp. filed for bankruptcy in June, with debts of over $10 billion, mostly because of the millions of airbags being recalled. Takata Airbag Recall

How Recalls Work

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) handles car part recalls. The Administration’s website even allows consumers to enter their car’s VIN number to check if their vehicle is affected by any recalls.

Owners of affected vehicles should’ve received a letter in the mail stating their car may have defective airbags.

Repairs are prioritized by car age and location. The active chemical in these explosions breaks down over time when exposed to heat, so older cars registered or driven in high-heat or high-humidity areas are being fixed first.

Repairs done under the recall are free, but car owners are expected to pay for any other problems discovered during the repair that are unrelated to the recall.

If a franchised dealer refuses to repair your car even though you have a recall letter, you can file a complaint with the NHTSA.

What If I Haven’t Received a Letter?

It’s possible that some letters got lost in the mail. To see a complete list of cars affected by this recall, click here.

What If I Don’t Respond to the Recall?

As with all safety concerns, this recall should be taken seriously. Defective Takata airbags have taken the lives of a dozen people and have injured many more, so ignoring the recall is simply not worth the risk.

How Pintas and Mullins Can Help You

Product liability lawyers at Pintas and Mullins have decades of experience in handling cases involving dangerous and defective vehicles. If you or a loved one has been injured by a recalled car part, like a Takata airbag, contact our firm immediately. We provide free case reviews for potential clients nationwide.