What to Do if Your Medication Causes Serious Side Effects

Drug Side EffectsBad and often scary reactions from prescription drugs are more common than you think. Serious side effects can happen when someone takes the wrong medication, is prescribed an inappropriate dosage, has an allergic reaction, or experiences an exaggerated side effect.

If you’ve suffered a serious side effect from a prescription, you may have legal options, but most importantly, take the following steps to protect your health:

1. Call 911

Even if you only have a mild allergic reaction, your body could go into anaphylactic shock. If that happens you want to be close to a doctor or hospital. Some medications can cause more severe side effects, like stroke, heart attack, or paralysis, so it’s vital to be near a medical professional.

Once you start to have an allergic reaction, vomiting won’t help. Do your best to stay calm and wait for paramedics to arrive.

2. Keep Your Prescription with You

Knowing exactly what you took will help medical professionals treat you. Give your medicine to someone going with you to the hospital, or keep the medication with you. This step can be especially helpful if you’re going to the closest hospital, which may not have your medical records on hand.

3. Stop Taking the Drug if There Is an Alternative

Your doctor may be able to prescribe a different medication with milder symptoms. See your doctor as soon as possible to talk about easing your symptoms and other a similar prescriptions.

If you’ve been injured by a severe drug reaction, you may be able to get legal help. Talk to one of our Chicago personal injury attorneys to discuss your potential case for free today.