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Blog Posts in June, 2017

  • How Trump's Presidency Will Change Worker Safety

    Efforts to improve workplace safety may become a thing of the past under the new administration. Rule on Reporting Workplace Injuries Delayed Whenever there’s a change in office, no matter the political party, it takes some time to readjust to the change in policies and priorities. Within the past few months, the Trump administration has made it clear that the government will not enact or enforce ...
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  • 3 Secrets of Figuring Out the Cost of Cancer Care

    There’s no doubt that navigating your way through a diagnosis like lung cancer or mesothelioma is scary. Equally frightening is figuring out how you will pay for the treatment. Our lung cancer and mesothelioma attorneys made a list of three things to remember when dealing with your treatment expenses. 1. Talk to a financial counselor Some hospitals offer the services of financial counselors to ...
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  • Whistleblower Exposes Hospital for Overbooking Surgeries

    Surgeons at Massachusetts General Hospital have been accused of keeping patients sedated unnecessarily while they operated on other patients. A former anesthesiologist at the hospital came forward with information that at least five doctors put patients’ lives in danger by double-booking their surgeries. The doctors defrauded the government by billing Medicare for time they spent in operating ...
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  • The Truth about Testosterone Therapy

    The number of men with testosterone prescriptions is on the rise. This raises concerns that men are trying to fight the natural aging process by using the hormone to feel younger and raise their libidos. The FDA recently announced a warning about using testosterone-increasing products for the wrong reasons. Doing so is associated with countless health risks to major body organs such as the heart, ...
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  • How-to: Identifying Bed Sores

    Elderly nursing home residents who have a hard time moving around are at risk of developing bed sores. Studies show that residents can sometimes develop bed sores within a year of staying at a nursing home. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) says that more than 1 in 10 nursing home residents suffer from bed sores. The bad news is that bed sores often form because of abuse or neglect of the ...
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  • New Hope for Patients with Relapsed Mesothelioma

    Every year, cancer doctors and researchers from around the country meet to discuss the latest in cancer care and treatment. This year, speakers presented a new hope for patients with relapsed mesothelioma: immunotherapy. The study focused on patients with malignant pleural mesothelioma (MPM), which affects the lining of the lungs. Patients involved in the study had relapsing MPM. Read more about ...
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  • Biking Safety is a Must

    Biking season is here again! Before you start pedaling, read this blog our experienced bicycle accident lawyers put together about insurance and safety measures. Bicyclists are covered by many types of insurance, from renters or homeowners to auto insurance. Even if you don’t have insurance, but someone you live with does, their plan could cover claims for injuries or damages from a bicycle ...
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