Recognizing World Mental Health Day

Recognizing World Mental Health Day | Pintas & Mullins Law Firm

This year’s theme for World Mental Health Day is “psychological first aid,” which means offering support to those around us. Learning the basics of psychological first aid will help you tremendously throughout your life, whether you’re the victim of an accident, battling a mental illness, or care about someone going through a hard time.

We work with clients who’ve been harmed by prescription drugs. One in five American adults – nearly 44 million people – experience mental illness in any given year. Most patients don’t realize the risks they take when they're prescribed medications to help their mental health condition.

As dangerous drug lawyers, it’s our job to support patients and families suffering from these medications.


Abilify is an antidepressant made by Otsuka. It’s prescribed to treat bipolar disorder, ADHD, depression, OCD, schizophrenia, symptoms of autism, and other conditions.

Sadly, many patients taking Abilify don’t know that it can cause impulse control problems, like compulsive urges to eat, gamble, have sex, and spend.

This is because Abilify works in the part of the brain that controls pleasure, motivation, and reward. Our Abilify clients started having problems controlling their impulses within the first month, sometimes even within the first week, of starting the drug.


  • Gambling and spending addictions can devastate families and finances.

  • Compulsive eating often leads to extreme weight gain and health conditions like diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and strokes.

  • Hypersexuality can cause infidelity, divorce, and STI contraction.

Imagine being unable to control or explain your behavior to your family, and not understand why it’s happening to you. You have no history of addiction or gambling, but suddenly, you’re spending your entire paycheck on Blackjack and hiding it from people you care about. You bring it up to your doctor, but they can’t explain these new urges either.

The American public wasn’t told that Abilify could cause impulse control problems until this year, even though the European Union warned the public in 2012, and Canada warned of it in 2015. Otsuka purposely hid Abilify’s dangers from American doctors and patients because we spend so much money on it, and Otsuka didn’t want to risk a drop in prescriptions and profits.

This has caused serious harm to Abilify patients and their families. We’re representing Abilify patients who are seeking justice from Otsuka, and we are honored to help them get it.

If you or someone close to you started showing signs of compulsive behavior while taking Abilify, call our prescription drug lawyers. We will review your case for free and tell you about your legal options.

We’re here to support our clients and their families, psychologically, socially, legally, and however else they need help. We encourage everyone to learn more about World Mental Health Day and psychological first aid, here.