Five Most Dangerous Cities for Bicyclists

Most dangerous cities for bicyclists.Bicycle riding promotes physical activity and environmental sustainability, but at the same time, it also poses many threats to riders throughout the United States. Large vehicles and unsustainable infrastructures cause thousands of bicycles accidents every year. Our bicycle accident lawyers challenge cyclists riding for sport, play, or transportation to understand their potential dangers.

Certain cities throughout the country are more dangerous for bicyclists than others.

These areas historically pose the biggest threat to bicyclists:

  1. Jacksonville, Tampa, Orlando, and Miami, FL – Florida consistently ranks as the most dangerous state for bicyclists. Per one million residents, Florida sees an average of 110 cyclist deaths each year.
  2. Riverside, CA – As people move to Riverside to be closer to work, the risk of bicycle accidents also increases. California overall sees about 113 average annual cyclist deaths.
  3. Las Vegas, NV – Visitors, taxis, and Ubers proliferate on the Las Vegas strip. For this reason, locals often prefer taking their bicycle to work and around town. Accidents here are common because of the city’s lack of bike lanes, drunk driving concerns, and infrastructure issues. In the first half of 2015, seven cyclists died in Clark County (where Las Vegas is located). Two of the victims were children.
  4. Memphis, TN – There are many curving roads throughout Memphis, and the risk of crashing magnifies as children walk around at night or drivers speed while distracted. Since 2003, Memphis has seen more than 1,000 reported bicycle crashes. About 93% of those crashes happened on streets without any type of bicycle lanes, trails or routes.Read more about Memphis' plans for improving bicycling safety here.
  5. Phoenix, AZ – Phoenix drivers don’t often consider bikers even though the city permits them on busy highways. In 2009, the city saw 25 bicyclist deaths and over a thousand injuries.

Many cities and states have extensive plans and programs to help stop bicycle collisions and raise awareness. Las Vegas, for example, recently installed bike lanes downtown, and Bicycling magazine named Memphis the country's "Most Improved City for Cycling" in 2013. Drivers, bikers, and pedestrians alike should try their best to stay in-the-know on these programs.

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Our bicycle accident attorneys represent injured victims from across the entire nation. Bicycle crashes can cause permanent, life-changing injuries. We know how difficult facing a serious injury can be both to you and your family. We’re here to help.

If you or someone you love was seriously hurt in a bicycle crash, contact us today to discuss your rights and options.


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