The Johnson & Johnson Verdict: What You Need to Know

The Johnson & Johnson Verdict: What You Need to Know | Pintas & Mullins Law Firm

Johnson & Johnson (J&J) maintains that their baby powder is perfectly safe, even though they just lost the third consecutive trial regarding ovarian cancer. If you’re concerned about the recent J&J lawsuits, you’re not alone. Three juries have awarded multimillion-dollar verdicts based on direct, scientific links between J&J's baby powder and Shower-to-Shower products and ovarian cancer.

J&J products are incredibly common. Women everywhere should know to look for symptoms of ovarian cancer, to catch and treat it as early as possible.


  1. Discomfort, like bloating, pressure or swelling, in the abdomen or pelvis
  2. Frequent need to urinate
  3. Quickly feeling full when eating
  4. Changes in bowl habits, like constipation

If you have any of these symptoms and think they may be related to long-term use of J&J products, call us today. Women diagnosed with ovarian cancer may be entitled to compensation. Our lawyers are taking aggressive steps to ensure everyone affected by this is protected.


The most recent $70 million verdict to Deborah Giannecchini is one of more than 2,000 other ovarian cancer lawsuits pending before J&J.


Earlier this year, juries came to similar decisions, awarding two women $55 million and $72 million, respectively. Both women were able to prove that using baby powder and Shower-to-Shower caused their ovarian cancer. J&J is appealing all three cases.


Talcum is the main ingredient in J&J’s baby powder and Shower-to-Shower products. It was the company’s first product, symbolic of its rise to the largest healthcare company in the world.

It’s hard to pinpoint the exact cause of any cancer (with few exceptions, such as asbestos lung cancer). It’s unethical to do tests in humans to see if talcum/baby powder directly causes cancer.

However, by looking back at decades of women who used baby powder products, we can examine the numbers. Did women who regularly used baby powder on their genitals develop ovarian cancer at higher rates than women who did not?

About 24 of these “look back” studies have found a 20-40% increased risk of ovarian cancer among women who used talc. The theory is that over time, talc particles make their way through the reproductive organs, into the fallopian tubes, and lodge into the ovaries. Once there, the talc can cause cellular changes that lead to cancerous tumors.


If you were diagnosed with ovarian cancer after baby powder or Shower-to-Shower use, contact us as soon as possible. We’ve have 30 years of experience representing patients and families. We understand how devastating a cancer diagnosis is — physically, emotionally, financially, and mentally.

We urge you to ask questions about your diagnosis, its causes, and what you can do to better your health and the health of women everywhere.

We know your medical bills are mounting. The financial stress of cancer treatment can be exhausting: flushing your savings, sending you into bankruptcy, and decreasing your quality of life even further.

We can help. We’ve recovered millions of dollars for cancer patients and their families. Call us at 800-310-2222 or email us at to ask about your legal rights. We represent clients nationwide.