Nephros Water Filters Recalled due to Bacterial, Viral Contamination

Nephros Water Filters Recalled due to Bacterial, Viral Contamination | Pintas & Mullins Law Firm

Nephros, a New Jersey-based water filtration company recently issued a recall of its products due to biological contamination and mislabeling. The products affected by these recalls include: SafeSprout, SafeShower HH, SafeShower FH, and In-Line Dual Stage Ultra (DSU) Filter. Product recall lawyers at Pintas & Mullins Law Firm urge consumers to check showerhead and disposable filters to make sure your system is not defective.

The DSU Filter is a disposable filter to purify water for drinking and washing, intended only to remove biological contaminants such as viruses and bacteria. The affected filters were distributed between January 2011 and October 2013. Any consumers who purchased a DSU Filter during that time is encouraged to contact Nephros at 1.201.343.5202 x100 Monday through Friday for information on how to return the filters.

According to the FDA, the DSU Filters are being recalled because of fraudulent claims on the products’ labeling. Certain materials for the DSU Filters, such as its brochure, apparently promoted the filters as medical devices, insinuating that consumers would benefit therapeutically from using them, which is false and misleading.

The showerhead recalls were prompted by substantially more perilous defects. The SafeSprout and SafeShower products are installed at the end of a traditional showerhead or sink faucet to purify water for washing and drinking. The sealing compounds and fiber filters in these systems are defective, however, and can easily break apart. If these critical parts of the filter break, bacteria and viruses can easily be released into the water and become exposed. This could lead to an array of serious, even life-threatening ailments, particularly among young children and the elderly.

There has been at least one report of death from this defect and one report of serious infection. Bacterial infections in consumers occur when the fiber in the filters break apart, exposing them to high levels of bacteria in their water. Along with the one case of serious infection, there have been nearly 30 other individual reports of high bacterial counts thus far.

Both Nephros recalls are categorized as Class I by the FDA, which signifies the possibility that the defective filters may cause serious injury or death. The investigation into this recall is currently ongoing, however we should note that it does not affect Nephros’ dialysis water products.

The recalled products are, however, often used in hospitals and healthcare settings, so patients may not be immediately aware that the water they use to wash and drink is contaminated. If you or a loved one recently suffered from a bacterial or viral infection from an unknown source, contact our firm immediately. We employ our own team of investigators who will push further into the matter and help you determine when and how you were infected. Our defective product lawyers accept clients from all 50 states, and our legal consultations are always free of charge.