Six People Dead after Plane, Car Crashes in Chicagoland Area

Auto accident attorneys at Pintas & Mullins Law Firm report on two fatal crashes in Chicagoland that killed six people. The auto accident, which occurred in the early hours of Thursday, September 26, 2013, took the lives of four people on the Eisenhower Expressway. The plane crash occurred in Bolingbrook the day before, and took two lives.

The Eisenhower Expressway crash occurred near Addison Road and involved a single vehicle rollover. A 2003 Silver Ford Explorer rolled off the Expressway and into a ditch just after 6 a.m. this morning. The Ford was found on its roof near the edge of a wooded area. Four fatalities are confirmed by the Illinois State Police.

The two killed in the small plane crash near Bolingbrook’s Clow International Airport were aboard the plan when it crashed around 5:15 p.m. on Wednesday the 26th of September. The plane was descending to land at the airport when it crashed near a Chase bank located at Lily Cache and Weber roads.

An eyewitness was withdrawing money from the Chase ATM when he heard a horrible explosion. He told the Chicago Sun-Times that he, at first, though it was a rocket, and was in shock when he saw a man exit the plane, on fire. The man was extinguished by a good Samaritan using a jacket. The woman aboard the plane, his wife, died at the scene. The man was taken to a local hospital and transferred to Loyola University Medical Center, though he too passed away early this morning.

A Bolingbrook Police Lieutenant stated that the plane clipped several trees on its way down, erupting into a fireball and striking a light pole and three cars in the Chase parking lot. The plane crashed about a half-mile from the Bolingbrook Airport. It was coming from another small airport in Georgetown, Kentucky. The Federal Aviation Administration will investigate the crash.

A similar small plane crash occurred in July 2010 near Canton, Mississippi, resulting in a wrongful death lawsuit against the plane’s manufacturer. The pilot was killed when his Air Tractor AT-602 crashed into a wooded area. His family is now claiming the plane was defectively designed and filed suit against the manufacturer, Air Tractor, Inc.

His family argues that, at the time of the crash, the pilot was flying a defectively designed and exceedingly dangerous, plane no worthy for flight, directly leading to his death. The man was an experienced pilot and the crash never should have happened. Data shows that about 22% of all aviation accidents are caused by mechanical failure.

Plane crashes, small and large, can be caused by an array of mechanical problems, such as aircraft manufacturing defects, flawed aircraft design, inadequate instructions for use, and inadequate warning systems. If an aircraft or any of its parts are defective, even the most experienced pilot, who follows every procedure correctly, may still be unable to avoid disaster.

This is why it is so critical for everyone in the aviation industry – manufacturers, air traffic controllers, mechanics and pilots – to adhere to the highest possible standards of quality at all times. A recent, highly-publicized crash in Alabama involved an Airbus A300-600F operated by UPS. It was the second crash involving the A300 since 2000.

The A300 was once a commercial passenger plane; in 2001, an American Airlines A300 crashed into Belle Harbor in Queens, New York, killing all 260 people on board along with five others on the ground. Currently, A300s are only used by UPS and FedEx for cargo flights, and UPS utilized about 53 of these aircrafts.

Plane crash lawyers at Pintas & Mullins Law Firm accept cases involving major air carriers, charter flights, small planes, helicopters, business jets, and hang gliders. Airplane accidents are subject to a wide range of laws and regulations, making lawsuits extremely specialized and complex. If you or a loved one was seriously injured or killed in an aviation accident, you may be confused about what your rights are, and should contact a lawyer with extensive experience handling these cases. We offer free legal consultations and can provide you with the answers and help you need.


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