Eight Senior Citizens Killed in Tennessee Bus Crash

Bus accident lawyers at Pintas & Mullins Law Firm affirm that eight people have been reported dead after a bus crashed into a tractor-trailer and SUV in Tennessee. The crash occurred on Interstate 40 in the eastern region of the state, and six of the fatalities were elderly passengers on the bus.

The bus was being rented by a North Carolina church, the Front Street Baptist Church in Statesville. Parishioners, the majority of whom over the age of 55, were returning to Statesville from a fall festival in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

The 40,000-pound bus was heading eastbound on I-40 around 2 pm when it crossed the median and overturned in the westbound lanes, hitting a big rig, which eventually caught fire, as well as a Tahoe SUV. The driver of the big rig as well as one person in the SUV was killed along with the six bus passengers. About 14 other people are reported as injured, though not critically. Preliminary news reports suggest that the bus’ front tires blew out on the highway, causing it to cross the median and overturn.

A similar bus crash in California in August 2013 is now resulting in several lawsuits filed by injured passengers. The crash occurred about 20 miles east of LA in Irwindale, California, on the Foothill Freeway. More than 50 passengers were injured in the crash, which was caused by the dangerous actions of the driver.

The driver allegedly made an unsafe lane change on the freeway, striking another car and overturning in a ditch. The bus was operated by a Monterey Park travel agency, Da Zhen, and was transporting passengers to a casino in Southern California.

It is not yet clear whether all plaintiffs will name the driver, the travel agency, and/or the bus company as defendants. They do affirm that bus companies have an incentive to make as many trips per day as possible, as casinos pay them by the amount of people they bring to them. Da Zhen reportedly makes more than a dozen trips to Southern California casinos every day.

The bus company involved in this crash has an illustrious history of moving violations: three citations for unsafe driving, two for speeding, one for following too closely, and a staggering 25 written citations for maintenance violations. At least one victim has filed claims of negligence against Da Zhen International, Van Hool, the bus’ designer and manufacturer, and the driver.

In related news in New York City, a man was recently dragged from his SUV by a group of motorcyclists on a local highway. Police say the bikers followed the SUV for about 50 blocks before cornering him, smashing out his windows, and pulling him from his car, ultimately beating him as his wife and two-year-old daughter watched.

One of the bikers was run over by the SUV during the altercation and is currently listed in critical condition. His spine is crushed, both legs are broken and he is most likely permanently paralyzed. The attack was reportedly caused by a fender-bender between the Range Rover SUV and one of the motorcycles.

New York police have arrested two of the bikers in connection to the incident, however, prosecutors have already declined to press charges against one of them. The other biker, who is accused to causing the initial fender-bender, will soon face charges of reckless driving and unlawful imprisonment.

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