California Pizza Kitchen, DiGiorno Announce Recalls

Contaminated food lawyers at Pintas & Mullins Law Firm announce that Nestle USA recently issued a recall of select varieties of its California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) and DiGiorno brand frozen pizzas. Several other popular food brands, like Carson’s Deli and Bakery, also recently initiated recalls.

There are four CPK and DiGiorno frozen pizzas affected by the recall: CPK Crispy Thin Crush White, and Limited Edition Grilled Chicken with Cabernet Sauce, and DiGiorno’s Crispy Flatbread Pizza Tuscan Style Chicken and the Pizzeria! Bianca/White Pizza. These products were distributed nationwide, and the specific affected production codes may be found here.

These frozen pizzas were recalled due to the possibility of them containing fragments of clear plastic. A number of consumers recently reported that they found plastic in the CPK Crispy Thin Crust White pizza. Upon receiving these reports, Nestle investigated and found that the contamination directly relates to a specific lot of spinach Nestle received from one of its suppliers.

All recalled pizzas were produced during February and March of 2013. Nestle has already instructed its store delivery team to remove the affected pizzas at locations nationwide. The production codes may be found in the blue or pink rectangular box on a side panel of the pizza box. The specific code is on the second line of the printed code and is the first ten digits. Consumers who bought a recalled pizza should contact Nestle Consumer Services at 800.456.4394 or for further instructions. The company will provide replacement coupons to those customers and make arrangements to retrieve the products.

Carson’s Deli and Bakery also initiated a recall a few days ago, on April 30, 2013, which affects its Assorted Cookie Pack and Fudge Brownie Cookie. The recalled lots were distributed to five retail stores in New York State’s Niagara and Erie Counties.

The Carson’s recall was initiated after a consumer complained that the cookie products contained walnuts, which the package did not reveal. The FDA inspected the products and found that there were several other allergens in the ingredients that were not declared on the labels, such as soy and wheat flour. These types of allergies can be life-threatening to people who ingest the allergens without knowing.

The recalled cookies have a “sell by date” of between 4/26/13 and 5/03/13. Consumers with the affected Carson’s cookie products can return them to the place they were purchased for a full refund. Questions and concerns may be directed at 716.433.2248.

Prime Foods USA also just issued an Alert about the possible Listeria contamination in its Latis brand Herring Filet “Antalja” in Oil and Herring Fillet in Oil with Spices. Listeria can cause serious complications in those prone to infections and may cause stillbirth in pregnant women. In healthy individuals Listeria poisoning often causes extreme flu-like symptoms. Consumers should return the Herring to the place of purchase or call 718.439.0376 for more information.

Lastly, Krinos Foods voluntarily recalled jars of its Tahini Sesame Paste due to possible Salmonella poisoning. Like Listeria contaminations, Salmonella can be fatal in people with compromised immune systems, or in young children and the elderly. Healthy individuals who ingest Salmonella may experience fever, bloody stool, nausea, and abdominal pain. More severe cases can result in arterial infections, arthritis, and endocarditis.

The contamination was discovered after the Michigan Department of Agriculture conducted its routine testing which came up positive for Salmonella. The investigation into what caused the poisoning is still ongoing. The affected lots have an expiration date of between October 16, 2014 and March 15, 2015. Consumers should send the expiration date stamps as proof of purchase to Krinos Foods. The address may be found here.

Contaminated food lawyers at Pintas & Mullins Law Firm urge anyone seriously affected by a recalled product to contact a skilled attorney as soon as possible. Our attorneys can help you obtain the maximum amount of compensation for any medical bills, lost wages, or pain and suffering.