Holiday Season Brought Drunk Driving Accidents and Deaths Nationwide

Our car accident lawyers at Pintas & Mullins Law Firm continue to warn of the dangers of drunk driving. Unfortunately, the holiday season brought many drunk driving accidents and arrests nationwide.

As AAA reports, New Year’s Eve and day is the deadliest period for deadly drunk driving accidents. Last year, more than 122 motorists died in a drunk driving accident.

Sadly, this year proved to be just as dangerous. In Minnesota, police report at least 25 drunk driving arrests on the night of New Years Eve. That’s up at least 5 arrests from last year. Drunk driving may have led to at least one deadly accident on Highway 12, but police are still investigating.

State police nationwide attempted to spread the word about the dangers of drunk driving with awareness campaigns and drunk driving checkpoints, and bus services offered free rides. However, it appears the the holiday season ended tragically for far too many drivers.

In Florida, another drunk driving incident certainly ruined the Christmas spirit of two men and their loved ones. The incident, happened on Christmas Day on US 41 in Sarasota County. There, a drunk driver colliding with a motorcycle riding ahead of him, throwing the rider from the bike. The drunk driver then continued to drive with the motorcycle trapped and dragged along beneath his car. The motorcycle eventually broke free from the car and burst into flames.

The 55-year-old motorcycle victim suffered serious injuries. The 26-year-old driver of the car faces DUI and many other charges. including not having a valid driver’s license, fleeing the scene after the crash, and driving with an open container.

Incidents such as these demonstrate that American roads are still very dangerous, particularly during the holiday season when people are celebrating and drinking with family and friends. It is important that drivers take advantage of buses, cabs, and designated drivers to prevent serious tragedies.

Sadly, this holiday season brought injuries and deaths to drivers nationwide. As the year progresses, our Chicago car accident lawyers hope that drivers stay safe and avoid behaviors that lead to deadly crashes.

Its important to remember that drunk driving accidents are preventable.Drivers with high blood alcohol concentration levels have an increased risk for serious car crashes and face increasing penalties. Safety precautions need to be taken at all times to avoid injuries and deaths, including seat belts and designated drivers.