Two Recent Car Crashes Highlight Dangers on the Roadways

Two Recent Car Crashes Highlight Dangers on the Roadways | Pintas & Mullins Law Firm

Auto accidents are typically traumatic events for everyone involved. They are dangerous not only for the occupants of the vehicles, but also for pedestrians and others who are not immediately connected to the incident. There is also usually a considerable loss of property involved. Acar accident lawsuit can help innocent victims of catastrophic auto accidents get the compensation they are entitled to. It can also help to spread awareness and prevent irresponsible behavior by drivers.

Recently a 25-year-old man robbed a police car and crashed into a Starbucks restaurant in Los Angeles. He was admitted to the hospital in a critical condition, and lost both his legs in the accident.

The suspect caused considerable damage to the police vehicle. The engine and transmission of the stolen police car disintegrated and scattered in separate places. The area was shut down while the investigation was carried out.

The theft happened after two officers left the keys in the police car while conducting an investigation. Officers often leave the keys in the car so that they can drive out of a situation quickly if needed. The suspect now faces grand theft auto charges.

In another more tragic car accident in Los Angeles, two women who tried to help accident victims were electrocuted. These well-meaning individuals paid the ultimate price because they failed to understand the dangers of the situation.

It all happened when an SUV crashed into a fire hydrant, sending water gushing into the air. The vehicle also struck a light pole, and the electrical wires were exposed underneath the vehicle. This was extremely dangerous because it was dark out and the wires, covered in a pool of water, were difficult to see.

Immediately after the crash, a woman who lived nearby rushed to help and was electrocuted by the wires. Another woman and her husband who were driving by the accident also tried to help the car accident victims and were electrocuted. There was huge crow of people around at this point, but no one could help for fear of being electrocuted themselves if they got too close to the live wires.

In all, at least eight victims were shocked by the wires. Seven of them went to the hospital, and two of them died. More than 50 firefighters were on scene, and had to use long poles and rubber gloves to pull the victims from the water.

The cause of the deadly accident remains unknown at this time, but excessive speed was likely involved. Fire officials say that this crash should alert people it can be extremely dangerous to render help to the victims of a car crash, and there are times when it may be best to wait for trained onlookers to arrive. 

In this case, one man’s irresponsible actions led to the deaths of at least two people, and left several others with serious injuries. One of the victims in this tragic accident was just 19-years-old.

Victims of catastrophic car accidents can contact personal injury attorneys at Pintas & Mullins Law Firm for a free case evaluation. There is a statutorily limited period of time to file a car accident lawsuit, so it is important to start the legal process as soon as possible after an accident happens.