Major Toyota Recall for Potential Fire Hazard

Major Toyota Recall for Potential Fire Hazard | Pintas & Mullins Law Firm

Chicago car accident lawyers at Pintas & Mullins Law Firm are warning drivers about a recent Toyota recall. Toyota Motor Corp. is recalling 7.4 million vehicles across the world because of a defective power window switch that could be a fire hazard.

As Reuters is reporting, this voluntary move from one of the biggest car manufacturing companies in the world is the largest single recall since Ford’s 1996 recall of 8 million vehicles with malfunctioning ignition switches.

Drivers need to use caution because the Toyota glitch could start a potentially deadly fire if any commercially available lubricants were used on the faulty switch.The recall, includes nearly 2.5 million cars in the U.S., nearly 1.4 million European cars, and about 1.4 million cars in China. The company is also recalling vehicles in Japan, Australia, Asia, and Canada. Certain Corolla and Yaris models fall under the recall.

According to a company spokeswoman, repairing the malfunctioning glitch is not an extensive process. It involves either exchanging the switches or applying heat-resistant grease to them. So far, there are no reports of injuries, accidents or deaths because of the glitch. However, there is a serious chance of smoke emission from the faulty switches.

Another topic in the news involving car safety issues involves counterfeit airbags, which are serious safety hazards. According to a recent Chicago Tribune article, United States safety regulators are warning consumers about potentially counterfeit airbags in repaired vehicles. Safety issues relating to these fake items include a possible failure to inflate during an accident, or danger of ejecting metal shrapnel when in use.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states that the risk applies only to those vehicles that had an airbag change in the last three years. The danger may be difficult to detect, because the fake bags look almost exactly like certified ones. They also bear the branding and insignia of key automakers.

Reports say that planned criminals are selling hazardous, substandard, and counterfeit airbags to suppliers and consumers without any concern about the consequences. The Government officials are promising to aggressively probe into criminal supply chains and ensure that the criminals are brought to justice. 

Whenever equipment that is vital for both driver and passenger protection fails to function correctly, it is a major safety concern. Consumers need to be aware of these issues, and review NHTSA’s safety information to find out if their vehicles require an inspection.

A 'can evaluate your potential claim and explain your legal rights if you or a loved one were injured by a defective car part. Car manufacturers have a duty to produce vehicles in a safe, operating condition. When this duty is violated, they need to be held accountable