Family of Drowning Victim Agrees to $2 Million Settlement

The loss of a child is a cause of great sorrow for the child’s bereaved parents. There are many cases of children drowning in the U.S, and a large majority of them involve a lack of care by adults who are supposed to look after them.

A wrongful death lawsuit filed by a drowning victim at a Washington high school swimming pool recently settled for $2 million. The drowning occurred late last year. The lawsuit was filed by the victim’s family.

The teen victim drowned while using the school swimming pool during physical education class. Police reports show that the physical education instructor was the sole adult watching over a group of 26 students at the time of the drowning. No other lifeguard was present at the time.

As part of the settlement deal, the school district is required to formally apologize to the victim’s family and modify the way students are monitored at the pool. These changes include stricter codes of behavior in place to assess swimmers’ capabilities in the water, and a certified lifeguard on duty in addition to an instructor when students are present.

Police believe that the 14-year-old victim may have been underwater for over 40 minutes before he was found. The students of an incoming class actually discovered the teen in the deep end of the pool bottom.

Another recent reported the drowning death happened in Montgomery, Alabama. This was the fifth drowning death in the area in the last six months. Nearly all of the drowning deaths involved small children.

In the latest deadly pool drowning accident, a two-year-old was found unresponsive in a swimming pool at the rear side of a house. A family friend was babysitting the toddler as a favor to the boy’s parents.

Apparently, there was no lock on the fence around the pool. Police are advising adults in the area to be more alert and ensure that their eyes stayed on the children in their care. They are also pushing parents and caregivers to teach kids about preventative pool safety measures.

Another related drowning accident involved a 15-month-old girl who drowned in a bucket. An investigation revealed that the child’s parents stopped over at a relatives’ home and were receiving haircuts at the time. Some children were playing inside the house, and as the girl’s parents got ready to leave, they started looking for their child. The child’s aunt discovered her dangling over the rim of a five-gallon bucket filled with soapy water.

The family performed CPR on the unresponsive child until the first responders reached the scene. Sadly, the child was pronounced dead later at the hospital.

Negligence involves irresponsible behavior by a lifeguard, or anyone in charge of supervising a child near a swimming pool. Poor maintenance of spas and swimming pools can also lead to a negligence claim, because federal and state laws regulate pool operating standards.

In the case of a pool drowning accident, a wrongful death lawsuit can help victims and their loved ones receive maximum compensation. Although anyone can be the victim of a pool drowning, children are particularly vulnerable to serious injuries and death related to pool accidents.


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