Chicago Introduces Its First Pedestrian Safety Plan

Our Chicago car accident attorneys applaud the efforts of city officials to make the streets safer for pedestrians by reducing the number of pedestrian-car accidents.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) is introducing the city’s first ever pedestrian safety plan. The long-standing safety plan has over 250 recommendations for short-term and long-term enhancements, some of which were put in place during this year’s road construction season.

The CDOT took public input into consideration in defining its priorities for the plan. Some of the priorities are improving transit access, better safety measures for seniors and children around parks and schools, more pedestrian space and safer crossings at intersections.

The CDOT Commissioner stated that pedestrian safety is the most important part of the plan, since everyone in Chicago is a pedestrian. The plan details outlines, programs, and tools to make the city more pedestrian safe. And the city did not act alone. At least 500 suggestions from public comment cards, meetings, and website postings contributed to the proposal.

Some of the recommendations our pedestrian accident lawyers want to highlight include installing better beacons and signals, better-marked crosswalks, pedestrian countdown timers at crossings, pedestrian islands in the center of multilane streets, and staggered midblock bump-outs on residential streets to keep traffic slow.

Continental-style cross-walks were one of the earliest changes, mainly because the department started to create its maiden plan in time for the previously scheduled construction projects. These crosswalks are created out of reflective material and have huge rungs across the walkway so that they are more visible. Over 100 such crosswalks were set up in 2012.

The CDOT’s plan announces a “Zero in Ten” objective. This refers to the agency’s aim of bringing down pedestrian deaths in the city to zero in the next ten years. The agency also has plans to meet with the Chicago Police Department (CPD) every two weeks to examine potential links between accidents and conventional crime.

Recent Pedestrian Accidents in the City

Research shows that in the month of August alone, 11 pedestrians were involved in crashes around the city. So far in 2012, there have already been 31 deadly pedestrian accidents in the city.

Last month, another Chicago Tribune


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