Chicago Car Crash Lawyers Warn of Increasing Pedestrian and Bike Accidents

Whenever you walk or bike around the streets of Los Angeles, you need to use caution. A new car-pedestrian crashes recently happened in Colorado Springs, where two women were killed and a baby was injured. Intersection median barriers, pedestrian signals, traffic signal enhancements, and road signs can greatly improve pedestrian safety at intersections.

Car crashes can be even more troublesome when the accident is caused by a hit-and-run driver. Drunk driving is a common cause of hit-and-run crashes. Drivers usually flee from the scene of the accident when they realize they are at fault. Many times, they may not even have a license.

Earlier this year, Chicago Gov. Pat Quinn signed legislation authorizing speed cameras to be set up in Illinois municipalities with more than one million residents. The speed of the vehicle is related to the survival rate of a pedestrian in an auto crash. Studies show that a pedestrian has an 80% chance of survival if hit by a car traveling at 30 miles per hour. However, a pedestrian hit by a car going 40 miles per hour had only a 30% survival rate. These cameras are only installed in “safety zones”, which are buffers around schools and parks.

Fortunately, there are many ongoing research initiatives on pedestrian safety. There have also been many attempts by government agencies to reduce alcohol-impaired pedestrian crashes and much more. In time, these initiatives will hopefully begin to pay off and lead to fewer crashes and fatalities.

Our Chicago car accident lawyers, believe that is important to warn all parties involved – drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists – to be cautious while on the road. Drivers should know that pedestrians can appear in the most unlikely of places. They should be on the lookout for walkers and bicyclists, and slow down at crosswalk areas and intersections. They should also be particularly attentive around schools and neighborhoods.

Pedestrians need to be predictable and use sidewalks where provided. They should cross or enter lanes where permitted to do so. Wearing clothes that ensure easy visibility and carrying a flashlight in dark places is also advisable.

Despite all the precautions taken, pedestrian and bicyclists continue to be high risk groups because of careless drivers. A car crash lawsuit can protect the legal rights of car-pedestrian and car-bicycle accident victims.