Stroke Victim Suffers Elder Abuse by Nurses

Our personal injury lawyers at Pintas & Mullins Law Firm are deeply shocked at a recent instance of elder abuse. The incident took place at the home of a stroke patient in San Diego. Security camera footage revealed two male nurses inappropriately touching each other and the 98-year-old stroke victim in her own bedroom.

After suffering a stroke and right-side paralysis several years before, the elderly woman employed skilled nurses to do 12 shifts of 12 hours each at her home for a pay of $1300 a day. The woman’s daughter was suspicious that her mother wasn’t being properly cared for. However, her complaints fell on deaf ears until family members viewed the videos.

The nursing licenses of both accused were suspended pending a hearing. The nurses work for an unlicensed home care service provider. The abused woman’s family sued both the company and the two nurses for fraud, negligent supervision and elder abuse. The trial is scheduled for January 14, 2013.

The suspension only barred the nurses from working for home health agencies. It still permitted them to work in hospital settings, however. A hearing on the permanent suspension of their licenses is also scheduled.

Another elder abuse instance happened recently in New York. There, a woman in her 70s was robbed, repeatedly hit, and sexually assaulted while she was bird-watching in a city park

The 42-year-old accused was arrested on various charges including predatory sexual assault, rape and robbery. He has a long history of violence against elderly women.

Elder rape is not uncommon. Experts strongly believe that sexual assaults on the elderly are greatly underreported when compared to such assaults on other age groups. Many elderly people are uncomfortable about coming forward. They are worried that they will be dismissed or disbelieved. People may question the victim’s memory, mental health, eyesight and hearing.

Even if it is clear that a particular woman was sexually abused, law enforcement and physicians may not give the matter the seriousness it requires. A 2008 study that looked at close to 300 cases of elder sexual assault that took place all over the nation found that only less than half of the abused were taken for a rape examination. What’s more, in 20 of the cases, the proof was destroyed.

Sexual abuse of the elderly is a serious crime. If your elderly loved one was sexually assaulted, particularly in a nursing home or assisted living facility setting, an elder abuse lawyer can get you the compensation that you deserve.


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