Skecher’s Shape-Up Purchasers Can Still File a Lawsuit

There is still time to take action against sports shoe manufacturer Skechers USA. Back in May, Skechers paid $40 million to consumers who were misled by its deceptive marketing campaign. These consumers purchased Skechers rocker-bottom shoes, mistakenly believing it would give them special stamina and tone their bodies.

Skechers Shape-Ups are walking shoes that the manufacturer claimed can stimulate the movement of muscles and create balance. In an effort to do so, the shoes come with a rocker sole, which is supposed to improve the feel of natural walking.

The Skecher’s sole consists of three layers and includes a strong midsole that lends support and a soft foam with a kinetic edge designed to absorb the shock of each step made, simulating the feeling of walking in sand. This is supposed to activate more muscles in the walking movement and further develop the posture while toning the leg and buttock muscles. However, the growing number of complaints suggests that in its effort to enhance technology, Skechers has compromised on other areas.

In September, a lawsuit was filed against the company on behalf of eight consumers who claimed to be seriously injured after wearing Skechers Shape-Ups toning shoes. Experienced product liability attorneys are currently evaluating claims of misled consumers that were deceived into making a purchase.

Skechers promotes and markets its toning shoes as footwear that offers many health benefits, primarily orthopedic advantages and better cardiac function. According to these consumers, there were more health risks than health advantages involved. In fact, the toning shoes from Skechers have produced more complaints of injuries than other products in the Consumer Reports database as of May 2011.

Two of the plaintiffs, both women, had the same ankle twisting experience as they were walking. One fell sideways and landed hard on her shoulder, tearing her rotator cuff. She had to undergo painful surgery, apart from carrying out physical therapy and imaging studies. The other plaintiff was also taking a walk on a mountain when she fell and injured herself. After being airlifted to the hospital, she had to undergo physical therapy and surgery.

In one of the complaints, the customer purchased the toning shoes after watching the ads that claimed significant health advantages. But the shoes created major instability. They had a fundamental structural fault and were manufactured without proper medical research. Skechers was accused of introducing products without any safety testing, despite many accounts and complaints of chronic and traumatic injuries.

The May 2012 partial refund went to owners of all Skechers Shape-Ups shoes, whether they had sufficient proof of ownership or not. Consumers were expected to fill out an online form and provide any details they had about the purchase, including a receipt.

The shoes cost somewhere between $60 and $100. There is some concern that the refund depends heavily on the honor system, but consumers who purchased Skecher products years ago and may have lost their bill could benefit from this.

There is no end date to file a claim yet, so wronged consumers still have time to file a lawsuit with the help of a personal injury lawyer at Pintas & Mullins Law Firm. It has been said that an end date may soon be declared, so it is important to take legal action as soon as possible.

Much of the debate surrounding Skechers toning shoes involves the company’s exaggerated marketing schemes. The lawsuit alleges that Skechers marketed and promoted its toning shoes as footwear that will provide countless health benefits, including improved cardiac function and orthopedic benefits. Instead, Skecher’s Shape-ups caused countless injuries and little, if any, benefit.

The Skechers case is only one of many such cases of manufacturing defects leading to defective products that cause serious injury to consumers who use them. Consumers do not deserve to spend their hard-earned money on products that do not do what they claim to do.

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