Pedestrian Asked to Pay To Repair the Patrol Car That Hit Him

Imagine getting hit by a car…then having to foot the bill to repair the car that hit you? That’s what recently happened to a Manhattan pedestrian who was hit in the left leg by an NYPD patrol car, then sent a bill for more than $1,000 to cover the car’s repair expenses. Our Chicago car crash lawyers at Pintas & Mullins Law Firm believe this wrongfully victimized the pedestrian twice.

According to theNew York Daily News, the 25-year-old pedestrian said that after the patrol car hit his left leg, he smashed into the side-view mirror and fell on the ground, landing on his wrist.

While the police claimed that their patrol car had the right of way, the pedestrian said that he had the green light. Even though he drank two beers that day and wears a hearing aid, the pedestrian asserted that neither factor contributed to the accident. He said he was not drunk at the time.

In order to cover the cost of the ambulance and hospital treatment following the accident, the man was billed $1,200. His family filed a lawsuit against the city to get back that amount. A short time after that, the family got another bill in the mail, from a law firm that the city hired to collect the $1,028.08.

The injured pedestrian said that the city sued him in revenge, once they knew that his family was going to try and be reimbursed. The NYPD acknowledged that the bill was a mistake, and pledged to put safeguards in place to ensure that this type of mistake does not happen again.

In this pedestrian-car crash, the pedestrian was fortunately able to escape alive. However, not all crash victims are as lucky as he was. Motor vehicle wrecks continue to be a major cause of injury fatalities in the U.S.

A recent Associated Press article revealed that an SUV car wreck in New York resulted in the loss of 5 lives and disfigurement of the vehicle involved in the accident. The SUV crashed into a concrete pillar and turned over before erupting into flames, causing the deaths and extensive vehicle damage. Two children were among those killed; the other three dead were women.

Authorities revealed that the SUV was moving east when it struck the concrete pillar. Police and witnesses said that the vehicle was speeding and failed to stop at two red lights.

A motorist traveling north said that the speeding vehicle almost hit him at an intersection and then struck the pole. All the motorist saw was the headlights of the car. After hitting the pole, the car somersaulted.

Another accident in Massachusetts resulted in the car erupting in flames. The driver of the car appeared to be driving too fast and this likely contributed to the accident. The man was pronounced dead at a hospital.

Another car accident in the news recently took place in Florida’s gulf coast. The accident was a multiple vehicle pileup that resulted in 52 people getting hurt.
A representative of the Florida Highway Patrol said that a minimum of 46 people were involved in the pileup, which happened just about the time an afternoon thunderstorm hit the area. The weather may have been a factor in the accident.

Car accidents can cause injuries such as whiplash and soft tissue injuries, disfigurement and brain trauma and unfortunately, death. If your loved one was injured in a car accident, an auto accident attorney can get you the compensation that you deserve.


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