Curbing Injury Caused by Defective Medical Products

Drugs, medical products and food products are manufactured after much research and innovation. Still, one cannot rule out the risk of health hazards these products may cause, which could even lead to death. This is something personal injury lawyers are extremely concerned about.

Wrongful death lawyers can help victims by ensuring they are adequately represented. They can expose the medical companies, healthcare facilities or doctors guilty of medical negligence, if death is caused by a medical error.

Companies sometimes voluntarily recall or modify products as a precaution, even if no adverse cases have been reported. Medical devices are also recalled. HeartSine Technologies Ltd recently announced a global recall of some of its Samaritan 300/300P PAD devices, or public access defibrillators, that were found to be defective. The defects could affect the device’s ability to deliver effective therapy to someone who has experienced sudden cardiac arrest.

One problem with these devices is their tendency to turn on and off intermittently. This affects the battery by depleting it of its charge.

A different issue was noticed in some other Samaritan 300/300P PAD devices featuring the older version of the software for battery management. In these, a temporary drop in the voltage in the battery is misinterpreted by the software as low battery, which prompts it to shut the device down.

The company sent affected customers a brand new PAD-PAK, which can be kept in reserve. These PAD-PAK devices come with a hang tag that contains instructions for inserting the device. The cardiac arrest rescue therapy can therefore be administered without any issues. The company is also offering an upgrade to the software along with a user manual, data cable and CD. This new software is necessary for using the updated device.

The correction was issued by the company independently and not under orders from the FDA. There have not been any injuries or deaths reported in connection with the on/off problem. However, HeartSine has not been able to rule out the fact that five deaths reported may have been related to the battery management software problem. Defective medical device lawyers will continue tracking this development..

Ventlab Corporation recalled 14,602 manual resuscitators after those models were found to deliver insufficient oxygen to the patient through the patient valve. This failure could cause hypoventilation and hypoxia, which are life threatening conditions. End users should contact Ventlab Corporation. The defective products were sold between March 2012 and July 2012 to distributors who got them to clinics, EMS units and hospitals.

This recall is based on the company receiving a report that the resuscitators were allowing little or no oxygen. So far, there have been no injuries reported, but there is still a potential for serious harm. The company reported the recall to the FDA and notified all customers and distributors through email. Customers can identify whether their products are among the defective ones by checking the label, lot number, part number and description on the packaging bag.

Another major incident which will be closely followed by our personal injury lawyers is Nature’s Recipe voluntarily recalling its Oven Baked Biscuits with Real Chicken product on suspicions of salmonella contamination. Again, there have been no confirmed cases of poisoning. The company is merely taking this step as a precautionary measure, according to its own press release.

Salmonella is a condition that can affect animals as well as humans. Typical symptoms include bloody diarrhea, diarrhea, vomiting, fever, and nausea. The company has published the product name, description and other details so customers can check out if they have these and appropriately discard them.

If you or a loved one sustained injury due to negligence or oversight on the part of a product manufacturer, personal injury lawyers can help you file a legal claim.

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