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Blog Posts in May, 2012

  • Wrongful Deaths in Duck Boat Accident Go to Trial

    The legal consequences of a tragic boat accident that occurred two years ago in Philadelphia are finally coming to the surface. In 2010, two Hungarian teenagers were tragically killed while riding one of the popular Duck Boat tour boats. While on the river, the boat’s engine malfunctioned, leaving the boat and its passengers vulnerable to oncoming traffic. A large barge that was being towed struck ...
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  • Bad Breast Biopsy Leads to $106,026 Medical Malpractice Award

    A woman in Alabama is finally receiving compensation for a botched biopsy surgery. The patient , arrived at the hospital in 2007 expecting to undergo a biopsy procedure she was familiar with after having breast cancer removed from her right breast a few years prior to that time. Leading up to the procedure the patient was given a pre-surgery medication typically used as a light sedative or to calm ...
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  • Tragic Boating Accident Takes Four Young Lives

    With temperatures rising and a holiday weekend on the way, our Chicago boat accident lawyers want to remind watergoers about the importance of safe boating practices. A harrowing crash on the Mississippi River on May 19th is a reminder of just how dangerous boating can be. In order to prevent such tragic accidents on the water, the Minnesota DNR recently released a few quick tips for boaters. As ...
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  • Wrongful Birth: The Antithesis of Wrongful Death

    While there is no debate as to the legitimacy of wrongful death lawsuits, controversy has arisen over their antithesis, ‘wrongful birth’ or ‘wrongful life’ lawsuits. This cause of action derives from a doctor’s failure to provide certain information or warn parents that their child has genetic or congenital abnormalities. An integral aspect of the decision to have an abortion is a parent’s ability ...
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  • Unusual Medical Malpractice Trial Demonstrates the Severe Consequences of Medical Mistakes

    A rather unique medical malpractice recently went to trial involving the liability of an anesthesiologist for a severe infection following penile implant surgery. Specifically, the lawsuit alleges that the defendant surgeon failed to warn of known medical risks when performing this surgery on an individual with diabetes. It also alleges medical mistake and improper patient treatment. Although the ...
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  • Young Drivers and Passengers Face Serious Risks on the Roadways

    Parents of teen drivers should take notice of new research that found accidents are more likely to happen when multiple young passengers are in a car. Our Chicago car accident lawyers urge parents to talk to their kids about the dangers of the road. These dangers are far too real according to the latest study, which indicates that the presence of just one passenger under the age of 21 increases ...
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  • Aurora Police Looking for Driver Who Fled the Scene of a Fatal Motorcycle Crash

    Police are still searching for a driver involved in a fatal hit-and run-accident with a motorcyclist on May 11, 2012. Our experienced Chicago motorcycle accident attorneys understand how devastating these accidents can be for the families of hit-and-run victims. We recognize that they are often left with stacks of medical bills and severe grief, so they depend on the judicial system for recourse. ...
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  • Even if the Shoe Fits, You May Still be in Danger If You Wear It: Skechers Customers Will Get Refund

    Skechers Shape-Up customers expected their sneakers would help them tone and lose weight…instead the shoes caused many of them to suffer debilitating injuries. Although their injuries may be permanent, a newly announced settlement deal will at least put some money back in their pockets. On May 16, 2012, Skechers agreed to pay $40 million for making false claims about its toning shoes. A special ...
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  • New Study Shows Medical Malpractice Damage Caps Do Not Bring More Doctors into the State

    Illinois medical negligence lawyers at Pintas & Mullins Law Firm strongly advocate against medical malpractice damage caps that limit a victim’s chance at justice. A new study suggests that damage caps may be constitutional, but they do not effectively achieve one of their primary healthcare goals. According to the study, which focused on Texas, the supply of doctors in the state did not increase ...
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  • Retired Airman Forced to Amputate Legs Sues U.S Government for Medical Malpractice

    A longstanding doctrine shields the U.S. government from medical malpractice liability…but a recent legal challenge by a disabled airman may change that. Our skilled medical malpractice lawyers strongly advocate on behalf of all victims of preventable medical mistakes, including dedicated service members. We believe all U.S. citizens deserve quality medical care, regardless of their age, injury, ...
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