President Obama’s Efforts to Make the Nation’s Roads Safer

President Obama’s Efforts to Make the Nation’s Roads Safer | Pintas & Mullins Law Firm

Auto accidents can be caused by a variety of factors, including adverse weather conditions and mechanical trouble. But many of the accidents can be attributed to human error, particularly driving under intoxication. This is an area in which Chicago car accident attorneys regularly see significant injuries and even death.

President Barack Obama recently issued a national proclamation in connection National Impaired Driving Prevention Month. The President noted that December is a time of celebration when families get together and share in the joy of Christmas. But while many celebrate, other families are feeling the loss of one or more loved ones killed by the reckless driving of a distracted, drunk or drugged driver.

It is therefore important that those celebrating the holiday season take an active stand against impaired driving. Safety needs to be paramount at this particular time.The loss of a loved one may be felt even more when there is so much holiday cheer and festivity around.

Sadly, so many of these fatal car accidents could have been avoided if only the drivers paid more attention, were more serious about their driving, and stayed away from drinking. Their decision to drive in spite of being drunk often causes lifelong loss to a father, mother, son, husband, wife, sister, brother or friend – a loss that can never be compensated.

A driver’s sudden distraction caused by entertaining music, cell phones, and other factors that take the driver’s eye off the road could lead to an accident that causes a paralyzed body, a broken limb, or serious internal damage.

President Obama said his administration stands by those victimized by irresponsible driving. He quoted statistics that say “thousands of lives” are lost each year due to drunk, distracted or drugged driving.

Among the most serious risks to safe driving are drugs and alcohol. While the effects of alcohol are well documented, it is important to note that even some prescription drugs could impair the skills required for safe driving. This is something that must be understood by the driver and explained to him/her by the doctor prescribing the medication. Illinois car accident attorneys stress that failure to do so could mean a life gone or a body paralyzed severely.

The other major causes of irresponsible driving are the use and influence of various electronics behind the wheel including in-car audio, video and mobile phones. Though the dangers of using cell phones while driving are known facts, people fail to follow the guidelines when they get a call while driving. They should either park their car and attend the call or turn off their cell phones altogether.

Preventing drunk and distracted driving requires more effective enforcement from the police and more impactful awareness campaigns to drive the message home. In his proclamation, President Obama highlighted the importance of giving law enforcement officers effective training for screening irresponsible, drunk, distracted and drugged driving. Another other area of focus is substance abuse. 

President Obama also reminds families about their role in cultivating responsible habits. Citizens of America derive much of their habits and manners from their homes, so it is important that parents, caregivers and teachers make their loved ones aware about the dangers of irresponsible and impaired driving. Ultimately it is families and individuals themselves that hold the key to a safer America.

As National Impaired Driving month continues, Illinois car accident attorneys at Pintas & Mullins Law Firm hope that drivers will pay more attention to important safety precautions and avoid dangerous and deadly car accidents.