Life-Threatening Mirena Side Effects Continue to Rise

Mirena device attorneys at Pintas & Mullins Law Firm warn of serious side effects from Mirena IUD implantation. Lawsuits are being filed against Mirena’s manufacturer, Bayer Pharmaceuticals, who misled consumers about the IUD device.

Mirena is associated with a number of health risks, not all of which were made clear to women. Among the most dangerous and long-term adverse health effects include increased risk of pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), embedment requiring surgical removal, and potential for the IUD to perforate or migrate from the uterus. Perforation refers to the risk of the device creating a hole in the uterus, which may lead to serious infections and even death.

Most Mirena lawsuits involve spontaneous migration of the device and Bayer’s failure to warn consumers of this risk. Mirena migration is corrected only through an invasive surgery called a laparoscopy. Women forced to undergo such surgeries are then subjected to a higher risk of adhesions in the reproductive organs, which is a major cause of permanent infertility. Injured plaintiffs are also reporting on numerous other adverse reactions, including streptococcal sepsis, device embedment, and perforation of the cervix. All of these side effects carry additional and extremely damaging complications.

Like all other forms of contraception, there still exists a small possibility of becoming pregnant while using the IUD. Should a pregnancy occur, the chance of miscarriage and permanent loss of fertility increases significantly, a risk many women were unaware they were making.

The chances of becoming pregnant while using Mirena, while small, is of major concern to women throughout the country. The possibility of experiencing a miscarriage while implanted with Mirena is an astounding 50%. Even if a woman removes the device after discovering she is pregnant, the change of miscarriage is still significant, at 25%. Because Mirena was approved in 2000, the long-term effects on children conceived during IUD implantation are not yet known.

Bayer’s failure to make these potential side effects known to consumers was purposeful, and is a violation of basic consumer rights. The lawsuits filed on behalf of Mirena users, which continue to mount every day, state similar complaints about the company’s blatant exaggeration of Mirena’s benefits and understating of its complications. These claims come in the wake of FDA letters highlighting the same issues with Mirena marketing programs.

The documented health risks associated with Mirena are extensive, ranging from minimal, such as headaches and nausea, to devastating. According to, the most serious documented risks include breast cancer, ectopic and intrauterine pregnancy, sepsis, and death. Sepsis is the infection of the blood stream and requires immediate hospitalization and extensive treatment. Death in Mirena users is usually the result of complications from other side effects, such as infections from perforation or PID. There have also been reports of mothers dying during the second trimesters of pregnancy due to IUD infections.

Some adverse reactions are just now beginning to surface, including cases of depression and grand-Mal seizures. documented a recent study on cases of seizures in Mirena users through reports submitted to the FDA. Their findings illuminate troubling reports of increased seizures in women with epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, high blood pressure, depression, and convulsion. More than 66% of these women had the device implanted 2-5 years before experiencing the seizure. Some attribute this reaction to B6 deficiencies caused by the IUD. Vitamin B6 is integral in the body’s ability to function normally, and deficiencies result in depression, anxiety, loss of libido, and seizure – all documented health risks associated with Mirena.

As further reports of adverse reactions to the device are revealed, more and more women are able to trace their health problems back to initial implantation of the device. Mirena lawsuits involve victims who experienced severe complications and seek justice for their suffering. Our skilled Mirena attorneys are actively evaluating IUD claims nationwide.