Keeping Police Brutality in Check in Albuquerque

Police brutality cases in the US occur all too frequently. Officers are entrusted to adhere to high standards of discipline. Unfortunately, they sometimes use excessive force and abuse their power of authority. Police misconduct lawsuits involve officers who violate and individual’s basic constitutional rights. Police brutality lawyers help protect these rights by pursuing the controversial incidents, identifying the root cause, and ensuring that justice is served for the victims.

Police brutality incidents highlight a growing need for strict regulations regarding officer conduct. There has been much public outcry concerning the need for greater accountability, so officers do not assume they can get away with unethical or unlawful actions. Personal injury and wrongful death lawyers are pushing for heightened investigation of controversial incidents.

One police department in America is in the spotlight following dozens of incidents involving extreme violence towards civilians. The United States Justice Department recently reported that it is opening an investigation into New York’s Albuquerque Police Department. The force has been involved in 25 shootings since 2010, 17 of which were fatal.

These shootings are under extreme public scrutiny because of the efforts of local media, which faithfully and thoroughly report on each case. There is widespread anger among the people of Albuquerque as well as other regions of the US. Because the investigation was largely prompted by public criticism, the case is considered civil, as opposed to criminal, and it is unclear if any charges will result.

Previous federal inquiries existed concerning the activities of the Albuquerque Police Department, which reinforced the need for this investigation. The focus is on accusations that officers made use of unlawfully excessive and deadly force in their interactions with civilians.

The investigation intends to speak with the force’s officers and officials as well as members of the community. Their communication with the public is a critical part of the process, and will aid in finding out whether systematic violations exist.

The proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back was a report from The Albuquerque Journal earlier this year, which revealed that officers involved in shootings were being paid by the police union to help them to deal with the trauma. Another report from a local TV station revealed that an officer who was part of a fatal shooting listed his occupation as “human waste disposal” on Facebook. These reports illuminate a callous and irresponsible attitude by someone who is supposed to ensure justice and protection for civilians.

Faced with rising criticism, the Albuquerque Police Department recently introduced some changes in their system. Among them including mandating officers to carry stun guns and record interactions with residents through cameras attached to their lapels. It also made changes to its hiring standards, improving them significantly.

Albuquerque mayor and the chief of the police department have announced their total cooperation towards the investigation. However, there was a hint of callousness in the statements made by the police chief who responded to the accusations by saying that his police officers are “of the highest quality…however, we know we are not always perfect.” He also claimed that the department was making efforts to improve the procedures ever since the extreme up rise of violence.

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