Deadly Asbestos in More Schools

Asbestos continues to be a cause of concern in many schools in the U.S. Our asbestos exposure lawyers at Pintas & Mullins Law Firm are concerned about the possible danger to students and teachers in these schools. Asbestos exposure can cause various life-threatening health conditions including lung cancer, asbestosis, and mesothelioma.

A recent WABC news article reported that asbestos and mold were found in a Queens, New York school. The discovery was the result of numerous parent complaints of possible contamination.

Parents say they saw the problem coming, that they saw mold developing in their own homes after Hurricane Sandy, so they figured that the school would experience a similar problem.

The auditorium is closed off to students while the mold is being removed. Asbestos was found in the school’s crawl space, which is being removed promptly as well.

In related news, West Indies News Network (WINN) reported that an unused building on the campus of a local high school in North America was being demolished after asbestos was noticed through a crack in the building’s walls.

Asbestos removal was attempted in the building in the 1990s, and has since been unused. The Ministry of Education was informed of the finding earlier in the school term, when they hired an environmental health officer to survey the asbestos contamination.

A neighboring facility, Basseterre High School, recently suffered a similar public relations incident when teachers contacted media when their concerns over air quality measurements went unheard.

Classes at Basseterre were relocated for the final week of the term pending the results of tests to identify the cause of various symptoms that the staff and students experienced over the previous year. There were concerns that abandoned labs were the source of the problem.

At the time of publication, tests ruled out radioactivity and various gases, and results for biological agents are expect at the end of the month. Testing for asbestos in the school is yet to be conducted.

Teachers started a sit-in in mid-November when their adamant concerns were not addressed. They announced via the Teachers Union that they would not conduct classes until the recommendations of a previous safety report were put into practice and they were sure that the environment on the campus was safe.

Additionally, school officials in Hawaii had major concerns about hazardous materials in their facilities, including asbestos. A big portion of the auditorium’s roof collapsed in late November as the result of a rainstorm. Officials closed the auditorium off while they wait for information from the Department of Education’s maintenance branch. It is believed that there is a strong chance the auditorium will be condemned.

The vice principal of the school said that similar devastation occurred throughout the campus.

If you or a loved one developed mesothelioma or any other life-threatening condition from exposure to asbestos, get in touch with a mesothelioma attorney to file a lawsuit and fight for the highest possible amount of compensation. Our attorneys will advise you of your legal rights and answer any questions you may have, at no cost to you.