3 Killed after Plane Crashes into Mississippi Home

Our Airplane crash attorneys at Pintas & Mullins Law Firm would like to draw attention to an unfortunate accident reported by The Washington Post. According to the article, the crash proved fatal for all three individuals on board the plane when it dove into a Mississippi home. Fortunately, the woman inside the home was not killed, though suffered injuries.

The crash happened soon after take-off, and the exact cause is still being investigated. The single-engine Piper PA-32 started sputtering before it crashed into the home. All three on board were pilots, en route to an FAA safety conference.

One of the victims was the plane owner’s 65-year-old flight instructor who was a decorated helicopter pilot during the Vietnam War. All the three who died were CAP pilots and certified flight instructors.

When the plane began spitting and sputtering after take off, one of the pilots requested authorization to get back to the airport, though just a few minutes later it started a rapid descent. The plane hit numerous trees before crashing into a house, which quickly caught fire sending black smoke and long flames through a neighborhood of single-family homes.

The injured woman, alone in her home at the time, was getting some clothes together in the bedroom when the plane crashed. She suffered second-degree burns on her hands, and a neighbor fortunately found and pulled her out of the house.

An investigator from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) said that someone in the plane reported engine trouble just before the accident but the nature of the trouble wasn’t clear.

Fox News reports of a similar crash, which occurred in Indiana and resulted in four fatalities. A small plane crashed into a farm field as it was nearing a southeastern Indiana airport.

The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) said that the plane was given the green signal to approach the airport but never arrived.

Emergency dispatchers received a 911 call on the evening of the accident about a probable crash. The remains were discovered 3 to 4 hours later where the plane crashed through a tree line and landed in a farm field about 40 miles southeast of Indianapolis.

In related news, reports have recently surfaced regarding a federal investigation involving the cause of a deadly plane crash near Joliet, Illinois. The small plane crash involving a twin-engine Hawker Beechcraft BE-58 left a 74-year-old man dead, and spread wreckage across a field in Illinois. The victim was ejected from the plane as it was destroyed upon impact.

A CBS 2 representative highlighted that the wreckage pattern suggests the aircraft flipped at high speed before impact. The aircraft was registered to an aviation company in Minnesota.

Litigation pertaining to small plane crashes is very complex. Characteristics specific to such crashes require investigators with unique skill sets to assess the causal factors in the accident. It is always best to contact an experienced airplane accident attorney for advice on obtaining maximum compensation.

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