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Blog Posts in May, 2011

  • New Research on Epilepsy Drugs and Birth Defects

    Epilepsy drugs have long been linked to an increase risk of birth defects when ingested during the first trimester of pregnancy. Late last year a study revealed that Tegretol increases the risk of spina bifida, which causes severe brain injuries, learning disabilities and retardation. Another study found that Depakote was twice as likely to cause birth defects, including spina bifida and cleft ...
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  • Diuretics Increase Risk of Nursing Home Falls

    Falls are a leading cause of injury for nursing home residents, and the consequences can be life-threatening. Many elderly residents are prone to serious fall-related complications, including broken bones, bruises, and brain injury. Even a fear of falling can harm a resident’s quality of life, causing them to limit their mobility and lose muscle tone or balance. Several classes of medications ...
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  • Avandia Pulled From Pharmacy Shelves Nationwide

    Thousands of patients have already suffered the adverse effects of Avandia, a popular diabetes drug that poses a serious heart attack risk. Now the federal government is finally stepping in, with an announcement that it will pull Avandia from retail pharmacy store shelves beginning November 18. The drug will be available only through a special mail-order program to diabetic patients who cannot ...
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  • Nursing Homes Force Feeding Tubes on Elderly Dementia Patients

    The decision to allow the insertion of a feeding tube is one of the toughest decisions that families of elderly nursing home residents have to face. Seniors with advanced dementia eventually develop problems eating and swallowing as their disease progresses, and they are unable to speak for themselves. Family members are left struggling with the emotional and controversial decision to allow tube ...
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  • Nursing Home Residents Given Drugs That Nearly Doubled Their Risk of Death

    Medication errors are an unfortunate reality of our healthcare system, as far too many nursing homes are understaffed and ill prepared to meet resident'€™s needs. These errors not only threaten the health and safety of vulnerable elderly residents, they also cost taxpayers millions of dollars. The New York Times Old Age Blog revealed a shocking new report from the Department of Health and Human ...
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  • FDA Orders Artificial Hip Makers to Study More Data

    The dangers associated with metal-on-metal hip implant devices have already prompted thousands of lawsuits in Illinois and across the country. Now regulators are taking a closer look, ordering implant makers to further study the safety of their devices. The Food and Drug Administration is primarily concerned with metal particles that may be shed into a patient's bloodstream, causing heart, nervous ...
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  • Nursing Homes Seek Health Care Law Exemption

    Many nursing home employees who provide critical care for our nation's seniors lack adequate, affordable health care of their own. According to recent estimates, one in four nursing home employees do not have health care coverage. The new health care law is supposed to fix the problem. Beginning in 2014, the Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act will require that all employers who have ...
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