NuvaRing Wrongful Death Lawsuits Continue to be Filed over Fatal Blood Clot Injuries

NuvaRing Wrongful Death Lawsuits Continue to be Filed over Fatal Blood Clot Injuries | Pintas & Mullins Law Firm

Another NuvaRing lawsuit was recently filed by a Virginia man who alleges the NuvaRing birth control device caused his wife to suffer a fatal pulmonary embolism. Similar blood-clot related injuries such as heart attack and stroke have also been reported by NuvaRing users. Our NuvaRing attorneys are aware of more than 750 NuvaRing lawsuits currently pending against the drug’s distributors, Oraganon and Merck, and expect even more to follow as we continue to review NuvaRing injury claims.

NuvaRing is a low-dose birth-control medication that prevents pregnancy by prohibiting reproductive cells from entering the cervix. Many women prefer NuvaRing over traditional birth control pills because it is relatively easy to use, inserted by the user once a month. However, users have experienced serious NuvaRing side effects, including strokes, heart attacks, deep vein thrombosis and lethal pulmonary embolisms. We believe that NuvaRing specifically caused these injuries because many of them occurred in women as young as 17 who are rarely at risk for developing blood clots.

The latest NuvaRing lawsuit was filed in Newport News, Virginia in May of 2011. According to court documents, NuvaRing user Alberta Horne died from blood clots in her pulmonary arteries. Alberta’s husband filed suit, blaming the manufacturers of NuvaRing for his wife’s unfortunate death. He claims that the defendants failed to conduct adequate clinical investigations that would have identified the risk of NuvaRing blood clots pulmonary embolisms. He also claims that the birth control ring frequently delivers more hormones than it safely should and neither the NuvaRing victim nor her doctor was aware of the true risks. The lawsuit seeks about $10 million in damages for negligence, strict liability, loss of consortium, and breach of warranty. 
The Omaha World Herald also reported on a similar wrongful death NuvaRing lawsuit filed in Nebraska in 2010. The lawsuit was filed by the estate of a woman who died of a blood clot about five months after she began using NuvaRing. The suit claims that NuvaRing is directly responsible for the woman’s death. 

Hundreds of other NuvaRing lawsuits have been filed around the country. In addition to fatal blood clots, studies have directly linked NuvaRing to other serious health issues such as stroke and cancer. Thrombosis and gallbladder disease have been reported by NuvaRing users, and pregnant women may experience an increased risk of birth defects when using NuvaRing during the first trimester of pregnancy, before many of them are aware that they are pregnant.

The pharmaceutical companies that manufactured and sold NuvaRing, resulting in fatal blood clots and other serious side effects, need to be held accountable. The convenience of NuvaRing made it one of the most popular birth control methods in the world, putting thousands of women at risk for dangerous health complications. Our defective drug attorneys are currently handling many NuvaRing injury cases filed by those who suffered serious injury and death as a result of NuvaRing use and we continue to investigate new claims. We believe the NuvaRing directly caused deadly blood-clot related injuries, especially because many users were not typically prone to developing non-pharmacological induced blood clots. The makers of NuvaRing failed to disclose life-saving information about NuvaRing risks that were documented for several years. As a result of their failure to warn, damages may be available to injured NuvaRing users and their families