Illinois Apartment Pool Drowning Accident Causes Wrongful Death of 10-Year-Old Boy

Illinois Apartment Pool Drowning Accident Causes Wrongful Death of 10-Year-Old Boy | Pintas & Mullins Law Firm

Personal injury lawyers at Pintas & Mullins Law Firm are reporting yet another Illinois accidental drowning that took the life of a young boy. The boy died while swimming at the New Colonies Apartment Complex pool on Steger Road. The state’s child-welfare agency is investigating possible neglect charges, and several other parties may face liability for the deadly apartment pool drowning. We understand that pools are a popular attraction in the warm summer months, especially for small children who are not in school. The latest swimming pool drowning death serves as an important reminder to parents and property owners that pools are inherently dangerous and require special precautions to avoid tragic losses or serious personal injuries.

According to the Chicago Sun-Time’s Southtown Star, the 10-year-old victim from University Park was swimming in the apartment complex pool on June 8, 2011. Reportedly, the boy went underwater and several residents pulled him out. A pool attendant called police, and the boy was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead later that day.

The Illinois Department of Child and Family Services is investigating a possible child neglect charge against the boy’s adult sister, who was caring for the boy and his siblings when the drowning accident happened. Our experienced swimming pool accident attorneys know that a child must be properly supervised while using an apartment complex pool, and the person responsible for the child’s care can be held liable if a wrongful death occurs. Swimming pool drownings happen in a matter of seconds and victims often do not have time to cry out for help. Small children always require very close attention since r serious personal injuries or even death from a pool-related accident can occur in the time it takes to answer a telephone.

In the event of an apartment complex pool drowning, our attorneys immediately investigate multiple parties that may be held liable. The law requires property owners to take reasonable steps to protect children and others from accidental drownings. The owner or operator of the apartment complex pool needs to properly maintain the area around the pool to avoid causing slip and falls. Broken life-saving equipment and improperly maintained pool fences and gates often lead to serious consequences. If a wrongful death or serious injury results from a pool accident, the apartment pool owner or the property management company may be liable for negligence. 

Warning signs should be posted in apartment complex pools, warning swimmers of possible dangers and reminding parents and guardians of the need to supervise small children. Drain covers, pool covers, and pool equipment such as diving boards also need to comply with the law or the property owner or manufacturer may face accountability.

In the case of the 10-year-old drowning victim, the health department concluded that the pool complied with regulations. However, in many cases serious swimming pool injuries and death occur from simple safety steps are not being followed. Children are particularly at risk, especially when unsupervised or when they wander into restricted areas because of broken pool fences or gates. Each year more than 300 children under the age of 5 drown in swimming pools. Taking preventative steps will ensure the safety of all pool visitors, and hopefully avoid tragic summer injuries.