Summer Construction Season Creates High Risk for Auto Accidents

Summer Construction Season Creates High Risk for Auto Accidents | Pintas & Mullins Law Firm

Increased highway and road construction work this summer is creating dangerous conditions for drivers. Our car accident attorneys are seeing a rise in construction zone cases involving improperly marked roads or negligently maintained highways. With the government pouring billions of dollars into roadway construction projects nationwide, drivers are being forced to deal with hazardous road conditions When construction work is to blame for a fatal accident construction companies and their employers can be held financially liable. Motorists also need to take responsibility, and pay extra attention in areas where construction work is occurring.

A series of construction projects are scheduled in Illinois, which will increase the likelihood of a serious or fatal construction zone auto accident. Dual projects on Interstate 80 will not be finished until late fall, and the number of accidents along this 22-mile stretch of road has already increased significantly since construction work began. TheChicago Sun Times recently reported that accidents on the I-80 are up 52 percent from last year, based on the number of crashes that occurred between April 20 and May 20. When the Interstate 55 work zone just south of I-80 is included, that total jumps to 70 percent. In response, state police set up more work zone patrols, but motorists still need to be careful.

Construction-related accidents are a common type of personal injury lawsuit at Pintas & Mullins Law Firm because construction zones are inherently dangerous. In many cases, accidents result from improper pavement drop-offs, poorly marked intersections, and construction vehicles that are parked too close to the roadway. When loved ones are injured or killed in a construction zone accident, maintenance crews and highway design engineers can be held legally accountable for their negligence. Our auto accident lawyers understand that accident victims and their families deserve compensation that helps them move on with their lives.

Although some construction zone crashes are unavoidable, drivers should do their part to prevent tragic accidents from happening during the summer construction season. Speed and inattention often lead to work-zone fatalities. Drivers should prepare for sudden stops and watch out for construction workers and equipment.

Although work-safety standards vary from state-to-state, speed limits are usually lower in construction zones and construction workers do not even need to be present for a driver to receive a traffic ticket. Traffic violations in construction zones can lead to hefty penalties or a suspended license. In Illinois, drivers who cause a fatal work-zone crash may face reckless homicide charges, which carry a 14-year prison penalty. 

Whether they are caused by negligent construction companies or inattentive drivers, construction zone crashes happen far too often during the summer season. With even more major construction projects scheduled in Illinois and around the nation over the next few months, drivers are at risk for serious or fatal injuries.

Our auto accident lawyers can help innocent victims and their families recover the compensation that they deserve, but drivers also need to take responsibility for their own actions and be prepared to expect the unexpected in construction zones. Sudden road dips, changes in traffic flow, or uneven pavement are conditions that drivers need to watch out for in order to avoid a construction zone accident.