Nickelodean Actress and Singer Suffers Broken Bones in Illinois Bus Accident

Nickelodean Actress and Singer Suffers Broken Bones in Illinois Bus Accident | Pintas & Mullins Law Firm

Our Illinois bus accident attorneys know that serious collisions can happen to anyone traveling on our state’s roadways, even one of the highest paid child stars on television. As the Chicago Sun-Times reports, iCarly actress Miranda Cosgrove was traveling on her tour bus along 1-70 near Vandalia, Illinois, when the bus slammed into an overturned truck. Miranda suffered a broken ankle and her bus driver was airlifted to a trauma center. Several others suffered non life-threatening injuries.

Miranda was on her way to Wichita, Kansas at the time of the crash, traveling for her summer tour. The tour is canceled until further notice while she recovers from her serious injury. The bus driver appears to be in stable condition.

Bus crashes like this one, involving serious and potentially life-threatening injuries, illustrate the severe consequences of a bus accident. The size and weight of a bus, along with the fact that buses are not typically equipped with seatbelts, make great bodily injury a serious threat. Internal bleeding, head trauma, and broken bones are all common bus accident injuries.

Unfortunately, bus accidents occur quite frequently in Illinois, where many commercial bus lines operate tour buses and other daily buses run throughout Chicago and the suburbs. The National highway Traffic Safety Commission estimates that at least 600 bus crashes happened in Illinois in 2007. Many of them involved severe injury and even death. 
Bus collisions can occur for many reasons, and multiple parties may face liability.

Although it is not immediately clear who is at fault in the latest crash involving Miranda Cosgrove, victims injured in a bus accident can typically file a transportation negligence claim against bus drivers or bus companies that are negligent. Families of fatal bus accident victims can also file a wrongful death claim.

Under Illinois law and the law of most states, bus drivers typically have a duty to drive responsibly in order to ensure the safety of passengers. If a bus driver’s negligent driving causes an accident and people are injured, the bus driver may be forced to pay damages for pain and suffering, loss of income, and medical expenses. Other negligent drivers on the road that cause an accident may also be held accountable. 

In some accident cases, the bus company is the responsible party because companies are generally responsible for the conduct of their employees while they are at work, and employees must be properly recruited and trained in order to prevent accidents from happening.

We understand that buses are a necessity for many people, particularly in large metro areas such as Chicago. But a bus accident can be even more dangerous than a car accident due to the large size of the bus and the number of passengers typically involved. Bus collisions often lead to various injuries that require expensive medical treatments. In some cases, they may even lead to death. A personal injury or wrongful death claim can help provide compensation for a bus crash victim or their families with the help of an experienced accident lawyer who can help determine who is liable for the crash.