Multiple Deaths and Serious Injuries in Chicago Car Crash Involving Minor Children

Multiple Deaths and Serious Injuries in Chicago Car Crash Involving Minor Children | Pintas & Mullins Law Firm

A horrific car crash at a dangerous Northwest Chicago intersection sent six people to the hospital, including at least three children. Our Chicago car accident lawyers were especially troubled to hear that neighbors complained about this particular intersection several times in the past, and even took their complaints to government officials. Unfortunately, the problem was ignored, resulting in this tragic crash.

As the Chicago Tribune is reporting, the accident happened during the morning hours of August 9, 2011. The details are still under investigation as discrepancies remain regarding the number of minor victims involved. However, officials from the Chicago Fire Department were able to confirm that six victims were taken to the hospital in serious to critical condition, and two of them suffered fatal injuries. As many as five of those victims were believed to be children.

The fatal two-car collision occurred when one of the cars crashed into a light pole at the corner of Austin and Sunnyside in Jefferson Park. Witnesses were unsuccessful in attempts to pry open the car doors. The driver and passenger were unresponsive, and two children were crying in the backseat. According to news reports, firefighters cut a man out of the second car.

People who live in the area say the intersection is dangerous because there are no stop signs for drivers traveling north or south. Although there are stop signs on Sunnyside, many drivers apparently treat those stop signs as a yield and roll through them.

Illinois car accident attorneys at Pintas and Mullins know that reckless drivers who violate traffic laws or ignore stop signs are held accountable for the injuries that they cause. In this case, more investigative work is needed to determine who is at fault for the deadly accident. In fatal car crashes like this one, multiple parties may be responsible for careless or reckless driving.

The consequences of a deadly collision are life-changing. We have worked with seriously injured victims of similar accidents who faced expensive medical treatments, numerous surgeries, and costly hospital bills. People whose loved ones are killed in a car crash also have to account for significant funeral and medical costs. 

Taking legal action against the negligent party helps car accident victims and their families recover the damages that they deserve. In Illinois alone, there were more than 1,000 fatal car crashes in 2008, and just over 94,000 serious personal injuries. Car accident injuries and deaths happen for a number of reasons, but many of these tragic accidents can be avoided if drivers pay close attention to road signs, signals, and other travelers.

We live in a large metro area with a significant amount of traffic and drivers need to obey traffic safety laws at all times. If a particular area or intersection is regularly causing problems, those problems need to be addressed and drivers need to use extra caution to ensure the safety of all occupants in the car. Many car crashes result in serious or fatal injuries, and drivers need to take every preventative measure possible in order to avoid the potential for great bodily harm.