Illinois Motorcycle Crash a Reminder of the Serious Risk Motorcyclists and Their Passengers Face

Illinois Motorcycle Crash a Reminder of the Serious Risk Motorcyclists and Their Passengers Face | Pintas & Mullins Law Firm

A recent motorcycle crash in southwest Illinois resulting in two fatalities highlights the dangerous nature of motorcycles.Illinois motorcycle accident attorneys at Pintas and Mullins know that the small size and quick speed of motorcycles make them attractive to many travelers, but these features also contribute to a significant number of accidents often resulting in serious injury or death.

The Chicago Tribune is reporting the deadly motorcycle accident that occurred on July 31, 2011 in Collinsville, where a motorcycle driver ran into a utility pole and lost control of his bike. Both the motorcyclist and his passenger were pronounced dead at the scene.

Just one day earlier, a motorcycle collision in Montgomery County also killed a 21-year old passenger. The driver of the motorcycle, who suffered serious injuries, attempted to make a U-turn and was hit by another motorcycle. No one was wearing a helmet.

These fatal crashes illustrate the safety threat motorcycles pose. Nearly 4,000 people are involved in motorcycle accidents every year, and at least 100 of those accidents result in death. There are many reasons riders are injured, such as distracted driving. Motorcycles are more difficult to see in traffic than cars, and their maneuverability is often overestimated. Lack of experience or training also account for a significant number of accidents involving serious injuries, along with unpaved or slippery road conditions.

Determining who is liable for a motorcycle crash depends on the unique circumstances of the accident, including the time, day, number of people involved, and driving conditions. In many cases, an accident reconstructionist is essential to conducting a comprehensive investigation. More than one party may be responsible, or parties may have jointly contributed to the crash. Anyone involved in the accident that violated traffic laws and demonstrated recklessness or negligence may face liability. If the driver of a car or truck did not see the motorcycle or failed to take adequate precautions to avoid an accident, they may be held accountable if serious injury or death occurs. Product defects also contribute to motorcycle crashes, in which case motorcycle accident liability falls on the manufacturer of motorcycle designer. 

Liability is an important factor for motorcycle accident victims seeking compensation for their injuries. At-fault parties may be required to pay for injuries, medical expenses, and other financial losses the victim suffers. Insurance companies may attempt to determine liability, but their interests may be different than injured riders looking to recover losses.

Unfortunately, riding a motorcycle is often dangerous, resulting in serious or deadly injuries. Motorcyclists and their passengers need to be responsible every time they take to the roadways and follow proper precautions, because statistics show that in many fatal crashes, riders are not wearing helmets. The importance of putting on a helmet or taking other simple safety steps cannot be overlooked. Our Illinois accident attorneys understand the legal rights and options that motorcycle victims have, and advocate on their behalf to ensure they receive the compensation they deserve when they suffer serious accident injuries.