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Blog Posts in August, 2011

  • Report Finds Fatal Bus Accidents are Dangerously Underreported

    A USA Today report found that a large number of bus accidents involving fatalities are not being reported to government officials, creating a false impression that buses are safe. The size of buses and the lack of protective equipment such as seatbelts make them particularly dangerous for travelers, and the likelihood of deadly injuries is high. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration ...
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  • Three Illinois Non-profit Hospitals Lose Tax-Exempt Status, More Rejections Expected

    According to Crain’s Chicago Business , three prominent Illinois non-profit hospitals recently lost their tax-exempt status and may now be forced to pay millions of dollars in tax revenues. Our Illinois medical malpractice attorneys are concerned that this decision could further compromise the overall quality of patient care, which is already threatened by cash-strapped hospitals operating at ...
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  • New Research Shows a Significant Number of Illinois Pedestrians are Involved in Accidents Resulting in Serious Bodily Harm or Death

    Recently the Chicago Tribune reported that an exceptionally high number of vehicle-pedestrian crashes occurred while the pedestrian was in the crosswalk. This study was one of the most detailed crash analyses ever conducted in our area, and it revealed that Illinois pedestrians are extremely vulnerable to serious accidents that could result in serious injuries or death. Researchers found that over ...
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  • Nickelodean Actress and Singer Suffers Broken Bones in Illinois Bus Accident

    Our Illinois bus accident attorneys know that serious collisions can happen to anyone traveling on our state’s roadways, even one of the highest paid child stars on television. As the Chicago Sun-Times reports, iCarly actress Miranda Cosgrove was traveling on her tour bus along 1-70 near Vandalia, Illinois, when the bus slammed into an overturned truck. Miranda suffered a broken ankle and her bus ...
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  • $2.4 Million Asbestos Verdict Awarded to Navy Veteran Suffering From Mesothelioma

    A substantial mesothelioma verdict was recently awarded to a Navy veteran in San Diego, in a case involving occupational asbestos exposure. Like many other veterans from all branches of the military, the man was regularly exposed to various asbestos-containing materials during his years of service. He was diagnosed with mesothelioma directly connected to the asbestos exposure in 2010 and his ...
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  • Woman Dies in Chicago Bicycle Accident While Riding Home from Lollapalooza Music Festival

    A tragic bicycle accident ended the life of a 25-year-old Chicago woman on August 5, 2011. As tens of thousands of concert-goers departed the popular Lollapalooza music festival, the bike accident victim suffered crushing injuries while leaving the concert grounds. This accident highlights the dangers of riding a bicycle on busy city streets, where serious injuries and death can happen in a matter ...
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  • Multiple Deaths and Serious Injuries in Chicago Car Crash Involving Minor Children

    A horrific car crash at a dangerous Northwest Chicago intersection sent six people to the hospital, including at least three children. Our Chicago car accident lawyers were especially troubled to hear that neighbors complained about this particular intersection several times in the past, and even took their complaints to government officials. Unfortunately, the problem was ignored, resulting in ...
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  • Hospital Fined for Exposing Construction Workers and Staff to Hazardous Asbestos

    Although asbestos is most commonly found in industrial settings like manufacturing plants, our asbestos attorneys know that the toxic mineral can also be found in some unexpected places. As the New York Daily News is reporting, a New York City hospital was recently fined nearly $50,000 for exposing construction workers, staff, and patients to life-threatening asbestos during a renovation project. ...
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  • Contaminated Oklahoma Well Water Causing Serious Thyroid Complications

    Water contamination lawyers at Pintas & Mullins Law Firm are warning of serious thyroid dangers associated with a toxic substance found in at least 18 drinking water wells in Duncan, Oklahoma. We have already heard from a number of injured victims experiencing thyroid problems as a result of drinking contaminated water, and we remain committed to pursuing environmental litigation on behalf of ...
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  • Parents Face Liability with Teen Driving Accidents on the Rise

    Our car accident attorneys know that accidents happen….especially to teen drivers. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that more than 5,500 teenagers die in car crashes each year, making motor vehicle crashes the leading cause of death for teens. With so many teen driving accidents happening every day, parents are facing increased liability for the damages their children ...
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  • Dangerous Asbestos-Like Substance Found in Road Gravel May Cause Mesothelioma Cancer

    Asbestos lawyers at Pintas & Mullins Law Firm are concerned about a new study confirming the presence of a cancer-causing mineral in the road gravel of several U.S. states. This study was the first-of-its kind, looking at the potential hazards of eronite exposure. Researchers found that the eronite mineral, which is similar to asbestos, is linked to unusually high rates of mesothelioma lung ...
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  • Illinois Toddler Dies in Swimming Pool Accident at an Unlicensed Home Day Care Facility

    A tragic swimming pool accident recently took the life of a 2-year-old girl from Aurora, who was under the care of an unlicensed day care provider when she drowned. Approximately 20 to 25 Illinois children suffer fatal drowning deaths each year, and the latest swimming pool tragedy is a reminder of the serious risk that pools present for small children who are not properly supervised. As the ...
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  • Illinois Motorcycle Crash a Reminder of the Serious Risk Motorcyclists and Their Passengers Face

    A recent motorcycle crash in southwest Illinois resulting in two fatalities highlights the dangerous nature of motorcycles. Illinois motorcycle accident attorneys at Pintas and Mullins know that the small size and quick speed of motorcycles make them attractive to many travelers, but these features also contribute to a significant number of accidents often resulting in serious injury or death. The ...
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  • Federal Regulators Knew About Asbestos Tainted Wood Chips in Montana For Years Before Warning the Public

    More than 400 people lost their lives and hundreds more became seriously ill as a result of exposure to asbestos-contaminated wood chips from an abandoned lumber mill in Libby, Montana. New revelations recently exposed by the Associated Press suggest that at least some of these tragedies could have been avoided. Reports show the Environmental Protection Agency knew the tainted woodchips were being ...
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  • Recent High-School Graduate Diagnosed with Rare Mesothelioma Cancer

    The mesothelioma diagnosis of a 21-year-old from Norwood, Massachusetts proves that asbestos exposure affects people of all ages. The average age of people suffering from mesothelioma cancer is steadily dropping, as more teens and young adults are being diagnosed with the deadly disease. Any amount of asbestos exposure poses a health risk, and in many cases, mesothelioma symptoms are not ...
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  • Remodeling and Renovation Work Can Lead to Asbestos-Related Diseases

    With the summer construction season underway, our asbestos attorneys want to remind homeowners and construction workers of the potential for toxic asbestos exposure, particularly when work is being done on older homes. A majority of the buildings and homes built prior to 1980 contain some form of asbestos. Demolishing, remodeling, or renovating these structures in any way may create a potentially ...
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  • Hotel Pool Owners May Face Liability for Deadly Father and Son Drowning Accident

    A recent tragedy at a popular resort in the Lake of the Ozarks highlights the serious safety threat posed by hotel swimming pools, particularly those that are not properly supervised. Sadly, thousands of people are seriously or fatally injured in swimming pool accidents each year. The Chicago Tribune is reporting the latest swimming pool accident, resulting in the double drowning death of an East ...
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