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Blog Posts in April, 2011

  • Medical Errors Harm Patients…and Their Pocketbooks

    The unfortunate reality of our healthcare system is that hospitals designed to help patients often end up causing them even more pain. Each year, preventable medical mistakes contribute to nearly 190,000 deaths and more than 6 million injuries. Among the most common mistakes are procedures performed on the wrong body part, hospital-acquired infections, and medication mix-ups. These are serious ...
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  • White House Takes Action to Reduce Medical Mistakes

    For millions of patients and their families, the current health care system is woefully inadequate. Patients that rely on hospitals to treat them in their time of need are often further victimized by medical errors, injuries, and complications that are preventable. Some hospitals have attempted to improve patient care by adopting new safety strategies such as electronic records. But patients ...
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  • Medical Errors Often Undetected

    After more than a decade of efforts to improve the quality of patient care in our nation's hospitals, the problem continues to persist. And the problem may be even bigger than we realize. A study in this month's journal Health Affairs found that the number of adverse events occurring in hospitals may be 10 times larger than previously estimated. Sadly, even the most extreme mistakes, such as ...
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  • High-Risk Medical Devices Sold Without Proof of Safety

    The safety of certain medical devices, such as pacemakers and heart valves, is under serious scrutiny. These high-risk devices may lead to serious injury or death in patients, and government investigators found that lax review by the Food and Drug Administration is putting the public’s health even more at risk. The Government Accountability Office recently faulted the FDA for approving the sale ...
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  • Heartburn Drug Warning

    Every day, millions of Americans suffer from acid reflux and the troublesome symptoms it brings, including frequent heartburn, chest pain, and coughing. Many of them turn to acid-suppressing drugs like Prilosec and Prevacid for relief. But a new safety warning by the FDA is causing doctors to re-evaluate the risks and benefits of these popular treatments. The FDA warns that long-term use of ...
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  • Silence among Health-Care Workers Puts Patients at Risk

    It is well-established that preventable medical errors are far too common and prove fatal to hundreds of thousands of patients each year. Although it is encouraging that some hospitals have taken preventative steps such as patient checklists or automated medication dispensing systems, a new study shows that poor communication among nurses still contributes to a significant number of hospital ...
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  • Drug Makers Disclose Payments to Doctors

    It is routine practice for drug developers to pay doctors hundreds of millions of dollars a year to "educate" their fellow physicians about a company drug, in the hopes that they will consider prescribing the drug to patients. These "pill-pushing" payouts are extremely controversial. Critics of the pharmaceutical industry say the payments are nothing more than bribes that endanger patients by ...
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