Record win of $1.25 Million Settlement in Broken Femur Case

As citizens, we trust that our public transportation system will provide us with dependable and competent drivers. This trust was broken for one of our clients, who, because of the negligent action of a bus driver, unfortunately will never be able to fully use his right leg again. On the day of the accident our client, a teenage boy, stepped in front of a stopped CTA bus. The bus driver mistakenly had not engaged the safety clutch, which caused the bus to roll, pinning our client between the driver’s bus and another. After spending a month in the hospital with a severe break to his right femur, our client then endured a slow process of recovery. The law team at Pintas and Mullins Law Firm exposed the mistake of the bus driver and collected damages in the amount of $1.25 million for the boy and his family.