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Unsolicited Junk Fax Claims

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Your junk faxes may be worth money. Thanks to federal law, any person or business who sends you a fax advertising goods or services that you did not request is liable to pay you a fine for the unlawful use of your fax number. When families are sent junk faxes, such as ones regarding travel companies or stock buying solicitations, they can use those faxes as evidence in a claim against the sender.

The laws that give consumers this power, the Federal Telephone Consumer & Protection Act and the Junk Fax Prevention Act of 2005, allow citizens to sue companies and collect for each junk fax they receive. The initial fee for each fax is $500, but if a person can show knowledge and intent on the sender's part, that number increases three-fold to $1,500 for each fax.

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The Purpose of the Junk Fax Laws

The laws are designed to address the millions of junk faxes sent to people every day. Fax broadcasters create databases of fax numbers, which are then utilized by advertisers who pay money for access to the database. This unethical use of private information is why the government has given consumers the power to file individual claims against companies that transgress the law.

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