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Nursing Home Abuse FAQ

Answers from Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers

Do I need any money to hire your firm?

No, you do not. We work strictly on a contingency fee basis, which means that we only get paid if we win your case and you get paid.

Can you represent me in any state?

Attorneys are able to represent clients in any state either through the reciprocity of a state’s bar rules, court approval, or through local co-counsel. In over two decades, the Pintas & Mullins Law Firm has represented clients in almost every state.

How do I know if nursing home abuse or neglect is occurring?

That is why you hire us. Nursing home abuse and neglect can often be difficult to discover, but there are some symptoms and warning signs you should be looking for if you suspect it. With regards to physical and sexual abuse, you should always inspect your loved one’s body for bruises, cuts, wounds, or scars. While elderly residents are more prone to these injuries, if the injuries are reoccurring that is often a sign of abuse. With regards to mental abuse, this can be more difficult to observe but common symptoms are a change in demeanor and personality of the resident, accompanied by withdrawal from others and isolation. With regards to neglect, similar injuries can serve as symptoms, as well as dramatic weight loss and non-existent hygiene. Lastly, pertaining to financial exploitation, you should monitor your family member’s finances looking for checks being written to and gifts being given to nursing home staff.

What are typical examples of nursing home abuse or neglect?

Nursing home abuse and neglect can manifest in many different forms. Nursing home abuse can be physical, mental, financial, and sexual. Physical abuse consists of any inappropriate touching, hitting, biting, or any other physical interaction between nursing home staff and nursing home residents. Mental abuse consists of any improper communicative interaction. Financial abuse and exploitation is any inappropriate usage of a resident’s monetary funds or tangible goods. Lastly, neglect consists of a knowing failure to attend to the residents’ needs.

Who is responsible for nursing home abuse or neglect?

The nursing home staff and administration are directly responsible for any nursing home abuse and or neglect that occurs to a loved one. It is not only their responsibility to care for these individuals, but it is their job and they are being paid for services they may not be rendering.

What can I do to help prevent it?

There are many important preventative measures that should be taken by those that need to place their loved one in a nursing home or elderly care facility. First, individuals should inspect several nursing homes before selecting one, visiting them and reading reports on them.

Second, after selecting a home, family members and friends should frequently visit the nursing home their loved one resides in and get to know the staff and other residents at that facility. Lastly, it is important that if your loved one is not mentally able, they should no longer be in charge of their finances and property; that should be managed by a family member or attorney.