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Resources for Lung Cancer Patients

Mayo Clinic Lung Cancer Basics - The Mayo Clinic is among the most esteemed hospitals in the country for lung cancer. Its website offers in-depth coverage of the disease, including videos from doctors, expert Q&A, lifestyle and home remedies, alternative medicine, and links for coping and support, among many other resources.

EPA on the Health Risks of Radom - This government website examines the dangers of radon exposure and its connection to lung cancer.

Cancer Care - This organization helps patients diagnosed with all types of cancer. The lung cancer page outlines options for patients who wish to pursue counseling, support groups, community programs, and financial assistance.

Lung Cancer Alliance - The Lung Cancer Alliance aids patients and families through all facets of their journey-even providing information on screening centers throughout the United States for those at risk. They provide educational materials along with national and local events, support, resources, and mailings to help each family.

World Health Organization (WHO) Handbook on Indoor Radon - This free handbook gives a comprehensive outline of radon gas and its health effects, along with how to prevent exposure, the costs of controlling it, risk communications, and information about national radon programs.