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Two popular medications for type 2 diabetes are now linked to foot and leg amputations. According to the FDA, clinical trials show patients are most at risk of losing toes from Invokana and Invokamet use. These drugs, manufactured by Johnson & Johnson, are part of a class called SGLT2 inhibitors.

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New Studies Show Invokana, Invokamet Patients at High Risk for Amputations

Although these drugs were approved in 2013 and 2014, the FDA has already released three safety alerts on their dangers. The most recent alert states patients taking Invokana and Invokamet were about twice as likely to undergo amputations as patients taking a placebo pill.

That means that about six of every 1,000 patients taking Invokana/Invokamet daily had their foot or leg amputated, compared to just three of every 1,000 patients taking the placebo.

Know the Signs of Foot Damage

Diabetics are already at risk of nerve and foot damage. This is because excess sugar injures blood vessel walls that nourish the nerves, especially in the legs. Poorly controlled blood sugar can cause tingling, numbness, or burning sensation in the legs. Eventually, the nerve damage spreads upwards, affecting digestion, sexual function, and other bodily functions.

Signs of severe leg and foot danger include:

  • Pain or tenderness
  • Sores or ulcers
  • Infections in legs or feet

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