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IVC filters prevent blood clots from traveling to the lungs, heart, and brain in patients who cannot take blood-thinning drugs. These small, cage-like devices are inserted into the vena cava, the body’s largest vein, which carries blood from the lower body to the heart.

IVC filters can be either permanent or temporary In some cases, temporary filters are left in patients for far too long, causing serious problems and injuries.

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Dangers of IVC Filters

There are two IVC filter types: permanent and temporary, or “retrievable.” Retrievable filters are designed for short-term protection, to be removed once the risk of blood clots resolves, yet are associated with higher rates of complications. The longer an IVC filter is inside a patient, the more likely he or she is to suffer debilitating side effects.

Since 2005, the FDA has received more than 1,000 reports of IVC filter problems. These devices have alarmingly high fracture rates, which can cause organ perforation and other life-threatening complications. Parts of the IVC filter may break off inside the body causing fragments to migrate to the heart, lungs or other nearby organs.

A fractured IVC filter may cause problems including:

  • Lower limb deep vein thrombosis (DVT)
  • Filter migration, fracture or embolization
  • Vein perforation, closing or blocking
  • Fluid buildup around the heart
  • Infection
  • Internal bleeding
  • Difficulty removing the device
  • Sudden death

Due to these design defects, in 2005, a major manufacturer redesigned its IVC filters. The new product has been implanted in more than 65,000 patients, yet its safety is continuously questioned as reports of filter fractures and migrations increase.

Current IVC Filter Lawsuits

Hundreds of injury and death lawsuits against Cook Medical, a manufacturer of IVC filters, have been consolidated in an MDL in the Southern District of Indiana. Trials are expected to start in February 2017.

Other lawsuits against C.R. Bard, another IVC manufacturer, have been consolidated in an MDL in the District of Arizona (No. 2641).

In addition, three class action lawsuits have been filed against C.R. Bard in California, Florida, and Pennsylvania. Claimants argue they were implanted with Bard’s IVC filters and, although they’ve not yet fractured or migrated, must be monitored regularly. Claimants argue everyone who had one implanted deserves compensation for medical monitoring expenses. Courts have not yet approved this class action.

FDA Cites IVC Maker for Eight Violations

In July 2015, the FDA sent C.R. Bard a warning letter for eight violations of federal law regarding its IVC filter product line. Among the violations, Bard illegally sold contaminated and misbranded filters, failed to report patient complications, and withheld critical safety information. These violations concern the safety of six IVC filters: the Recovery, G2, G2 Express, Eclipse, Meridian, and Denali.

The FDA recommends that doctors remove IVC filters from patients as soon as the risk of blood clots has subsided. Industry insiders are calling for more and better studies to determine whether IVC filter risks outweigh its benefits, however, these studies will only occur if the FDA requires manufacturers to do so.

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IVC filters have not been proven to be safe and effective by practical data. IVC filter manufacturers must be held accountable for putting profits over patients.

The most effective and efficient way to gain justice is through a product liability lawsuit. Our defective medical device attorneys are currently investigating claims of serious injury from all types of IVC filter devices. If you are unsure of which type you were implanted with, contact our firm and we will investigate for you, free of charge.

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