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  • Why You Shouldn’t Post About Your Case on Social Media

    Nearly 70% of U.S. adults use social media to connect with friends and family, express opinions, and share stories. But the benefits of staying connected could end up costing people the success of a personal injury case. The simplest way to diminish the value of a case could be by posting on social media. Below, our personal injury lawyers share some reasons why: 1. Defense attorneys are skilled ...
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  • How to Improve Mental Health in the Workplace

    The World Health Organization (WHO) observes World Mental Health Day every year on October 10 th . This year’s theme is “mental health in the workplace.” A recent Forbes article explains why mental health in the workplace is important and gives employers tips on how to promote it in the workplace. Our personal injury lawyers share these tips with you below: 1. Create a healthy environment ...
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  • Pacemaker Users Beware: Increased Risk of Cybersecurity Issues

    Hundreds of thousands of lives depend on St. Jude’s pacemakers. Yet concerns over battery problems and cybersecurity issues have been topics of news stories, lawsuits, and patient outcry. Our St. Jude pacemaker lawyers are currently representing clients seriously hurt by these defibrillators. Many of our clients were affected by the St. Jude recalls in the fall of 2016, and we know many other ...
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  • Popular Food Brand Sued for Asbestos Death

    A California jury found Hillshire Brands guilty of exposing a family to asbestos for years without giving them proper protection. Mark Lopez lived in Betteravia, California from 1954 to the mid-1960’s. There, he was regularly exposed to asbestos from the housing that Betteravia Farms provided for factory workers and their families. Although it knew asbestos was in the housing units, it never ...
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  • How to Be a Responsible Dog Owner in 5 Steps

    Dogs are called man's best friend for a reason, but they can cause serious injuries when they act aggressively. Check out some surprising numbers on our Dog Bite Stats infographic: Dogs are much more likely to attack children, which can cause lifelong physical and emotional scars. If you have both a child and a dog at home, keep reading to learn how to keep you, your family, and your pet, safe. ...
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  • Drivers Beware—Your Car May Be Affected by an Airbag Recall

    People who bought cars from more than 24 automakers first filed lawsuits over defective airbags in 2014. These lawsuits claimed that airbags made by Takata Corporation exploded, releasing dangerous chemicals, burning passengers, and causing at least a dozen deaths in the U.S. Takata Corp. filed for bankruptcy in June, with debts of over $10 billion, mostly because of the millions of airbags being ...
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  • Can You Sue Your Employer If You Get Hurt at Work?

    In the state of Illinois, most workers are covered by workers’ compensation insurance, which they can use in the event they get hurt on the job. Workers’ comp provides compensation for medical costs and lost income. However, because most employees are covered by workers’ comp, Illinois law prevents them from suing their employers for a work injury, meaning they can’t be compensated for things such ...
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  • How to Deal with the Stress of a Past Medical Malpractice

    Preventable medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the U.S., right after heart disease and cancer, according to recent data. Physical suffering may be seen after a medical error, but emotional scars like fear and loss of trust in doctors or hospitals may also exist. Here are 5 ways to deal with the stress of a past medical error: Get support -family and friends can listen and offer ...
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  • What's the Difference Between Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect?

    Nursing homes have had a poor reputation for years. Before regulations were enacted by state and federal governments, nursing homes were allowed to prioritize profit over the well-being of the individuals trusted to their care. While nursing home abuse and neglect are still present in nursing homes, they have become much less prevalent. Those who have family members in such facilities should take ...
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  • 8 Things You Should Do to Become a Safer Driver

    77% of all car accidents are because of a driver's error. Do your part to make the road safer for you and for everyone around you so that you don't become part of the statistic. Here are eight easy things you can do: Wear your seat belt. Wearing a seat belt cuts the risk of serious injury by 50%. In the event of an accident, your seat belt could prevent you from getting thrown into your windshield ...
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  • What Is Elopement in a Nursing Home?

    Elopement is the unsupervised wandering of a nursing home resident, often off the grounds of the facility. When residents do wander off the grounds, this can be a sign of negligence on the part of the nursing home staff. If a staff member failed to supervise residents properly and categorize them by their likelihood of eloping, a resident is more likely to elope. The danger of elopement comes from ...
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  • Despite $417 Million Jury Verdict, Johnson & Johnson Denies Connection Between Talc and Ovarian Cancer

    In the most recent case of ovarian cancer to go to trial, a jury ordered Johnson & Johnson (J&J) to pay a woman $417 million in her lawsuit claiming baby powder caused her ovarian cancer. However, J&J’s attorney said that the correlation between a woman using talc for feminine hygiene and an ovarian cancer diagnosis is weak. Previous talc powder case outcomes from across the country have awarded ...
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  • Is There a Statute of Limitations for Nursing Home Lawsuits?

    Elder abuse used to be more prevalent in nursing homes before the federal government and state governments began passing regulations on how these organizations should treat their residents. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), elder abuse is any abuse or neglect of a person age 60 and older by a caregiver or other person in a relationship involving an expectation ...
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  • Know Your Rights: A Discussion on Police Misconduct and Brutality

    Police officers are supposed to protect a person’s rights when enforcing the law, yet police brutality, which violates a person’s constitutional rights, is a big problem. Wrongful shootings, tasings, and beatings are, disturbingly, common forms of police brutality. Police officers have the right to protect themselves from threats of harm, but they cannot do so unreasonably. They have to be ...
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  • Must-Read for Those Struggling to Pay for Cancer Treatment

    Are you struggling to pay for lung cancer treatment? You’re not alone. Most patients face higher out-of-pocket costs than they expect when they’re diagnosed with lung cancer. With cancer drug prices more than double what they used to be a decade ago, under-insured patients end up spending up to 30% of their annual income to pay for treatment, and insured patients spend about 11% of their income. ...
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