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Blog Posts in March, 2011

  • The “I’m Sorry” Law Could Give More Protection to Healthcare Providers

    A simple apology can go a long way....but in some courtrooms it can actually be used against a physician that seeks to admit guilt for a medical mistake. The Detroit News recently reported that Michigan is close to joining Illinois and more than 30 other states in passing an "I'm Sorry" law, which allows healthcare providers to apologize and disclose mistakes without the risk that their comments ...
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  • Big Businesses Trying to Take Away Rights of Injured Patients

    One of the most basic tenets of our democratic system is liberty and justice for all. When American citizens suffer a miscarriage of justice, courts often step in to provide a much-needed remedy for the pain and suffering caused at the hands of irresponsible parties. But the vital protection that this system provides is under attack from large corporations that are trying to take away rights from ...
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  • Seniors Not Getting the Preventative Services They Need

    As Americans age, they are often vulnerable to illnesses that threaten their quality of life. Preventative screenings and regular immunizations are critical tools to protect seniors from unnecessary illness. However, a new government study shows that many older adults are putting their health in serious jeopardy by not getting the services they need to prevent disease. According to a report by ...
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  • FDA: Public Health Crisis May be Inevitable

    The safety of America's food and medical products is often challenged by consumer watchdog groups advocating on behalf of the public. This time, the warning comes from the Food and Drug Administration itself, who caution that a tainted drug disaster is just waiting to happen. The public health crisis looming among us is the result of overseas manufacturing. The agency can't guarantee the safety of ...
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  • Could Your Soda Cause You Cancer?

    High-calorie, sugary soda drinks such as Coca-Cola and Pepsi may harm more than just your waistline. New research shows that soda may actually cause lung, liver, and thyroid cancers. The problem, according to government studies, is a certain caramel coloring used in food and soda brands like Coke and Pepsi. These dark colas get their signature hue by mixing sugars with sulfites and ammonia. In a ...
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  • Patients Suffer When Doctors Fail to Communicate

    Emergency room visits can be traumatic for patients, especially young and senior citizen patients that contribute to more than 120 million emergency room visits each year. But even after patients leave the ER, their health may still be in jeopardy. Poor communication between emergency room physicians and primary care physicians can seriously undermine effective care. The Seattle Times recently ...
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  • Even Star Power Cannot Protect Vulnerable Seniors from Elder Abuse

    Elder abuse is a troubling problem that has long been ignored, leaving the nation's most vulnerable citizens defenseless against physical and psychological abuse, neglect, and financial exploitation. Seniors are likely to suffer in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and even their own homes. Even fame and fortune are not enough to protect our senior citizens. 90-year-old entertainment ...
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  • New Birth Defect Warning for Topamax

    Federal drug regulators have issued a disturbing new warning for women who are pregnant or plan to become pregnant. Research shows that the popular migraine medication Topamax seriously raises the risk of birth defects such as a cleft lip or cleft palate, especially when taken during the first trimester of pregnancy. New drug registry data shows that the risk of oral birth defects is up to 16 ...
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  • Airbag Problems Lead Ford to Recall Nearly 150,000 Trucks

    The best-selling truck in America appears to have a serious airbag defect. Ford Motor Company is recalling nearly 150,000 F-150 pickup trucks because its air bags could deploy without warning, causing the potentially lifesaving device to injure the very people it is intended to protect. The recall involves trucks that were built at Ford's now-closed Norfolk, Virginia factory between November 2004 ...
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  • Prescription Painkillers Increase Risk of Birth Defects

    A new study shows that taking prescription painkillers shortly before or early in a woman’s pregnancy can be incredibly risky. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warn that certain opioid pain relievers, including Vicodin, OxyContin and Tylenol-3, increase the risk of several major birth defects. This particular class of medications more than doubles the chances of having a baby born ...
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  • Lawsuit Filed Against Wright Hip System Manufacturers

    The failures of yet another hip implant were recently exposed by a Colorado woman who claims that design defects prevented her Wright Profemur Z Total Hip System from properly attaching to her hip, resulting in intense pain and the need for additional revision surgery. Janet Pommrehn filed a product liability suit against the makers of the hip replacement system after it was discovered that her ...
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