Experts Debate if Avandia Clinical Trial is Ethical

Over the past couple of years, the safety of the popular diabetes drug Avandia has been the source of much debate, due to claims that it increases the risk of heart attack. Recently, it was reported that a clinical trial conducted by Avandia is being increasingly scrutinized by experts.

Some specialists and FDA officials stated that Avandia is too dangerous to stay on the market due to its risks. As a result, they also contend that the current Avandia trial is unethical, and subjects patients to the increased risk of heart problems. However other experts, as well as manufacturer GlaxoSmithKline, have stated that the drug is not harmful and the clinical trial is essential to providing some definite answers about Avandia's risks.

The current controversy surrounding Avandia highlights the difficulties the FDA encounters in protecting consumers when a highly popular and profitable drug is shown to be unsafe. In addition, the problems surrounding Avandia also trigger new questions over the ethics of using humans to test a drug's safety. On July 13, 2010, the FDA will review Avandia and determine the fate of the current clinical trial on its safety.

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